From wetness to a crawl.
 on terra firma.
Begin awareness.
 Meeting light in shades and 
  a sense of  noise.
Finding a pathway.

Rising upwards.
Learning balance.
Aware of me.
propelled forward by love.
Heeding the pathway.

Moving with control.
 Gaining distance.
Aware of fatigue.
Looking for support.
along the pathway.

Confidence blooms.
Stride increases.
Aware of time passing.
Life moves swiftly,
pacing the pathway.

Independence interlude.
Capable of decisions.
Aware of self-worth.
memories of the past,
help others onto the pathway.

Messages from the body.
Promoting some  changes.
Aware of   personal limits.
Holding out for support but  
knowing love is;
 the true pathway.

Ck. 07/04/'12

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