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Summer falls down

Yesterday , I took a short walk along the banks of the River Severn. The water level seemed full , with all the recent rain coming down from the Welsh hills. The sun was out and the going was; as the song said ,easy. There was little activity on the river and only a couple of pleasure cruisers passed by. A posse of walkers came by heading for the end of their journey at nearby Tewkesbury . They looked happy and contented. Gradually I discerned the clouding of the skies and the slow and steady falling of temperature. This proved to be the end of summer in Gloucestershire. Today has been colder and grey of aspect and I gave the lawns the last cutting rites of the season. N.P.  "Circle Line " by Fish N.R.    "Eldest" Christopher Paolini          Ciao4now             Ck

Black but not much white

I have no interest in Football and therefore support Newcastle United ! What a roller-coaster this season has become (even by our standards ). Kevin , our Manager has walked away causing a massive fan implosion  leading to the owner putting the club up for sale. Who will take Newcastle now ? With the loss against Spurs  in the Carling Cup ( the only competition we had a slight sniff at getting to the final ) our season is effectively finished. So anyone out there in cyber-space with deep pockets please come to our aid. N.P. "Fog on the Tyne " by Lindisfarne N.R.  " The Road "  by Cormac McCarthy (Clint Eastwood should read and direct)        Ciao4now           Ck

Cyber Bones

It's a funny thing blogging ; I've never kept a diary ,so I'm not used to writing things down. I feel like I'm throwing cyber bones of myself out to the wilds like messages in a bottle; and slowly over time revealing more of my skeleton. So today I can reveal I'm interested in the music  of Captain Beefheart and many of his recordings and also the computer alphabet starts and ends with Apple. ( any Mac Geek Guiders out there ?) Ciao4now Ck N.P. Elbow - " Live in London" N.R. Cormac McCarthy "The Road "

In the Beginning

Hi  fellow Twitstars, This is Curlykale from Gloucestershire , U. K. I'm , male, younger than Mick Jagger (but not much ! ) . this is my first Blog , so I'm working out the rules as I go along. Today I'm been to Cheltenham on a mission to pay bills (boring) and getting books from  the library ;excitement off the scale. N.P." Dark Star" by Fish N.R. "American Heroes" by Neil Gaiman Ciao4now   Ck.