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The Water Blog

 The last week or so has seen me travelling to places all connected to water. Here, to start our watery odyssey is a picture of what, in former days used to be Tewkesbury Abbey Mill, now converted into flats. Last Monday  ( 23/07 ) saw D. and I down in the Forest of Dean at Canop Ponds. The large pond/lake is situated in the middle of the forest near Cinderford.  The weather made it a delightful day  for a stroll and picnic around this pleasant fishing spot. The Trees were verdant in shades of green. On Tuesday ( 24/07 ) D. and I visited the local Wetlands at nearby Coombe Hill. We alighted from the bus and made our way down the hill to the Wetlands area. The paths were open, so we made our way to the bird hide. The ground under our feet was soft, but manageable wearing our walking boots; but as we made our way to the bridge which gives access to the hide, we noticed that the nearby fields were flooded. Furthermore the bridge, itself was also partly u

A little Cricket: Circular Walk. Watching Ivor

Managed to get a day of Cricket in yesterday (20/7). It was the Cheltenham Cricket Festival; ravaged by bad weather and played at the College Ground. The match was the 3rd day of four; Gloucestershire entertaining Leicestershire. When I arrived during the lunch interval, I feared the worst, it was drizzling and the covers were coming on. But, I'm pleased to say, play got underway at the appointed time and glory be,  the sun came out. The new addition in the ground was a digital scoreboard. I must admit, I was amused to hear that the Members, sitting on the opposite side of the ground, were unable to see this board clearly, so that they had to wheel the old traditional version over to their side. So much for progress. Stop Press  writing this on Sunday 22/07/'12, I can reveal that the match was drawn. The scores being Gloucestershire: 229 & 209/8                             Leicestershire:    162 & 288 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Last

Special Floral Edition.

If I could: I'd tether a moonbeam to watch over your sleeping form. I'd observe  your morning smile rise like the sun on a cold frosty  Cotswold day. I'd capture your laughter as you joyfully engage with the gentle waves by the sea-shore. I'd cool your troubled brow with water fresh from a leaping mountain stream. I'd warm your skin by  natural firelight charged up by the heat of smouldering forest wood. Coda To love and be loved. to care and to be cared for. Is there a grace more precious? So we will walk, not stumble down memory lane picking off  the days like petals from the wild flowers in the afterglow of a life well-spent together. Ck. 11/07/'12 ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Hidcote Backward, forward toe to heel; in soul charge of my destiny. Finding myself: ravished by all the colours; jostled by verdant stems and led by floral

Reports: Cleeve Hill and Trains.

In spite of the generally inclement watery conditions during the past week; D. and I managed a short walk on Thursday 5th July upon Cleeve Hill, near Cheltenham. All as you might have expected  it all looked green and fresh. I was interested in the marquees and tents visible in the bottom right hand picture. I think they maybe situated at Postlip Farm, near Winchcombe; although I am not sure what was taking place there; possibly a scout/ guide camp.  Here are some more images of the hill,  the summit of which at 1083ft (300M) is  both the highest point in the Cotswolds and the county of  Gloucestershire. The golf course, which competes  with the walkers has adorned the hill since 1891. Cleeve Hill ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ The above photo is of a ticket machine found at Victoria Rail Station in London. Having bought previously  online,  this machine,  scanned and then after authorising my credit card;  printed out my Margate Rail Tickets  for me. This is a ve