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Ephemeral: A load of Pollards

I used to think ' Ephemeral ' was a ladies perfume; but I find now its meaning is of a transitory thing; which lasts only a short time. This brings me to Snowdrops, which to enlarge on a recent 'Tweet", seem to be smug little chaps; knowingly being the first to welcome the Spring, but refusing to grow where mere humans want them. Like good beers, they don't travel well If you have them; cherish them and their yearly appearance, because when things come right, they do make a lovely picture. This one, complete with giant 'moss-spider ' was taken in Sherborne woodlands, as was this wooden carved beetle. The woods are in winter mode still; but they know that Spring is round the corner. This week, I visited Croft Castle, in Herefordshire. Outside the "castle " main entrance I found these two impressive 'bookends.' Situated near the Welsh borders, I think they were playing it safe, don't you?  I was anxious to visit

Wave To Me: "you can't beat nature"

The Bore Tide was due at Minsterworth Church at 09:16 on Sunday 20th February. It is a large surge wave, that occurs about 60 times a year. Further facts at : The crowds lined both banks. The Church bells rang out along the bank. Then came the moment. It passed and the people and dogs went home. The Bore was only two minutes late. You can count on Nature; sometimes. Ck. P.S. Check out my new search engine at the top left hand side. It allows access to the internet; neat eh!

Tea Pots

Our Thoughts fly away on a synaps network. What meaning meaning? Our brains are forests of the minds; endlessly entangled in neural activity branches. One day computers will map our memories  and all will be revealed, in digital halls of reference. In the meantime we can envision  change;  and not rattle  like empty tea pots, but learn  instead to percolate and  filter out new ideas. Ck 17/02/2011A.D.

Tuesday Glory: Spring is Coming

When Tuesdays are glorious; the birds sing; the sun shines; the bright colours come out to play and all is well with the world. Such a day was Tuesday, February 8th, at eleven  'o ' clock, when I fetched up at the Sherborne National Trust Estate. This sign looked promising, but as I made my way out of the car park and into the woodland, no snowdrops were to be seen. But although the woods were still sleeping in the shade, some catkins were  in view. Reaching the road and turning right, I soon came by the nature reserve, with its gentle meandering stream. When I reached the nearby church, I beheld  my first snowdrops; a wonderful domesticated array of white, interspersed with yellow crocus. My route then took me, from the road, back into the estate. Here, through the effect of the sun shining on the ground; were further miracles before me as I walked back to the car.   A selection of images for you. All that was left to complete this excelle

Cottage Industry: Toon Lament

Why do you support Newcastle United Football Club they ask? The answer is complicated. Let me resolve some questions you might have asked. Have you any association with the North East ?  None. Did your Father support Newcastle?   No, he was a Spurs   fan  (Tottenham Hotspur- N. London based) Did he mention Newcastle to you? Hardly, but he did say that Newcastle's ground St. James's Park was a good place to watch football. He must have visited it then?  Probably. Ok then what were your reasons?  I believe I was seduced by the lilt of their accent; the sense of being out of the way of anywhere else.  I loved the sound of the Northumbrian Pipes, lonely and wistful. I liked the idea of being the only football club in the city, or perhaps I should say 'toon'; unlike Manchester( United and City) or Sheffield (United and Wednesday). Newcastle have been waging a very 'Civil' war against their nearby neighbours Sunderland for over 200 years, with comp