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Major Message: Admiral's Advice; More Markets: Magic Band Again.

"Good Afternoon.
 Major Wyford-Clarke here, bringing you the latest news from ' The Manse, Upper Pensionville, Bucks. ' . I am reminded, by the Memsahib that the Winter Solstice draws near; a time of mulled wine, mince pies, and rent increases. Goody.

My man Baxter, brings me daily news of troubles in the antipodes, where our lads are being defeated by those Aussie chappies. Total bad show, what. Thinking of sending a crate of my ' Parson's Perry, ' as that native amber nectar is clearly interfering with their thought processes.

But, realised the other day, they probably need to de-tox, so will send cases of my ' Flowing Empire ' natural water with its label depicting a union flag in the sand, by the side of 'Margaret's Oasis. '
Perhaps this will help to stiffen the sinews and remind them of their proud British heritage. I hope so.

Personally I blame the fitness gurus, who have these men as thin as whippets, able to run all day.
Will someone plea…

Market Moves: Admiral's Advice: River Walk Again.

Well It's that time of year again. The German Christmas Market has come to Cheltenham again.
I took these shots last Wednesday (4/ 12 ) the day before the opening.

We'll look in more detail next week.


@CTFCofficial Cheltenham Expects------ A Football Team, like Gravy or Custard, improves with consistency. Keep Trying. COYR


Many moons ago, when my hair was merely grey, D. and  I tried to go on a circular  walk from the village of Southrop, near Fairford to nearby Eastleach. We arrived near the Village Square, only to find a posse of people standing by with cameras and note-pads, clearly waiting for some big occasion. We subsequently found out it was a celebrity wedding about to take place and we were told, incredibly that parts of the village were out of bounds until later that evening. Infuriated, I returned home and introduced the world to 'The Major.