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Light Relief

Like Life Like life, dark clouds can enter your horizon. They overshadow places and events. they reduce luminosity  and foreshadow disturbances ahead. Like life, time moves on causing cracks to appear in the gloom. promising light relief. Like life,  rocks of ages begin to slowly erode disfiguring their surfaces. Like life, age does not remove the eternal value of things; the past may future  in the present. Like live, time is a process Like water,  when it flows gently all is well. Ck. 26/06/'15 Images from Lyme Regis (no.1 ) ; Sidmouth ( no. 2,3, 4 ) and Beer ( no. 5, 6, 7 ) SSsssssssssssssssS Watch out for those high temps next week. Enjoy the tennis and  #supportthegals in their football world cup bid. Cheerio for now, Ck.

New Toons; Old Toons; Battered Toons; Blue Toons: On a Day ........: Odd Pics

Here we go again. A new manager for Newcastle United,  Mr. Steve McClaren appointed on a three year contract. This will be the seventh manager placed in control of the first team, during the eight year reign of the owner Mike Ashley. In an ill-thought out process, the local Tyneside newspapers were NOT invited to the unveiling  of McClaren as new manager; neither the BBC; only NUFC media partners. This high-handed attitude does not bode well for the future, in my opinion. Pros for Steve : Has lived in the area for the last fifteen years, since being manager of Middlesborough. This is the job he has always wanted- What took him so long?                        He is now a member of the board. Ashley has stepped down. This means he should have a better hand in team recruitment and selection.                    He has the reputation for being a first class coach. Cons for Steve                        Can he see through a job? Two seasons ago, as manager of Derby County,

For Laura: A Gift of Words.

From April the sun beat down The summer of '76. In Berkeley of the Shire  New life was born. Long legs and bright eyes; Whose look even then, seemed Ready for a life  to be lived, With little sleep required. Time that old mischief maker, Playing with our senses so Seemingly in a blink of an eye  Upon our journey from Mummy  to Mum from Daddy to Dad, we Saw the baby become child; The child become lady.  Buoyed up with maternal advice And instruction, a sensitive flower Began to bloom. Impatient, impetuous always  ready to Seek out new people, places And culture. Too soon she needed To enlarge her canvas, and so  followed In my mum and dad's footsteps Under the shadow of the clock In Victoria Station. In London, diamond days put an Extra facet to her sparkle. She radiated warmth and affection Drawing friends and colleagues Towards her. Eagerly she embraced the Art, theatre and concert world Finding much t