For Laura: A Gift of Words.

From April the sun beat down
The summer of '76.
In Berkeley of the Shire
 New life was born.

Long legs and bright eyes;
Whose look even then, seemed
Ready for a life  to be lived,
With little sleep required.

Time that old mischief maker,
Playing with our senses so
Seemingly in a blink of an eye 
Upon our journey from Mummy
 to Mum from Daddy to Dad, we
Saw the baby become child;
The child become lady. 

Buoyed up with maternal advice
And instruction, a sensitive flower
Began to bloom.
Impatient, impetuous always  ready to
Seek out new people, places
And culture.

Too soon she needed
To enlarge her canvas, and so  followed
In my mum and dad's footsteps
Under the shadow of the clock
In Victoria Station.

In London, diamond days put an
Extra facet to her sparkle.
She radiated warmth and affection
Drawing friends and colleagues
Towards her.

Eagerly she embraced the
Art, theatre and concert world
Finding much to engage her
Mind and senses

But alone in quiet moments
 Still  unfulfilled until
Romance entered,
Blossomed and the love
Of two became one.

And so it is upon this
Golden day,  that I by grace
take this walk of pride
Twixt friend and acquaintance
To witness the union of hands.

Knowing the circle is complete.
Awaiting future times content
 the baton of care passed on.

June 2015.


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