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Way Ay: Clean-up in Bath

I made my way to Lansdown Park and Ride, a couple of furlongs down from Bath Racecourse.
I then took a bus to the centre of the city.
Soon I was at this spot, by the official start/finish of the Cotswold Way.

On 17th June 2009, in a posting: " Watch this Space "  I mentioned that, in the future hopefully, there would be a marker to confirm the Abbey as the terminal walk point. Today (27/04/'10 ) , I can reveal that progress in this direction has been made.

As you can just about see, I found this planning application, hung on the fence, dated from February 2010, for the creation of a stone Obelisk, on a plinth, to finally resolve this matter.
Again, we shall wait and see.
Having made this discovery, I made my way from the Abbey out of Bath towards my destination of last week, Prospect Stile ( see " Under Starter's Orders" ). Once again I have to report, that the waymarking was poor and not adequate for the purpose. One had to carefully look on lamp posts, in order…

Signs of spring


Under Starter's Orders: Good for Ewe

Well tickle my tulips; I am now within one walk of completing the Cotswold Way, which after all this time, seems somewhat remarkable.
The picture above, was taken from Prospect Stile, near Bath Racecourse, about three miles from Bath; the descent, into the city coming after the group of trees at the top of the photograph.

The walk, began from the Civil War site, at Landsdown Hill, by the side of a minor road.
The Way, soon reached an elevated position, still on the battlefield site, with good views over the valley below. The sky was blue, with only the lightest of breezes and the temperature a very comfortable 14 degrees; in other words ideal walking weather.

Having exited, at a gate, with Civil War flag emblem, the walk continued uphill by the side of a hedge,
until a more manicured aspect came in the distance; it proved to be a golf course.

After awhile the allure of walking  by the fairways and greens, watching the golfers performing their swings, began to wear a litle thin and I …

Bath: Now Single Digit

Well annoy my anemones, my latest saunter along the Way, from Cold Ashton back to Dyrham Park, has left me but, a mere 7 or 8 miles from the finishing point at Bath Abbey.
The walk, itself was an engaging and satisfying event. Cold Ashton was a 'fearfully pleasant place' as the Late Peter Tinniswood,
might have said, dripping with daffodils, alongside neatly manicured grass verges, combined with a postcard Church and splendid Elizabethan Manor.

Note the grand, imposing roadside entrance.

As, one ventured away from this village, the Way made its progress down a ploughed field, in order to gain access to the A46 main Bath road.

This was certainly different terrain to the usual and was in fact copied later on in the journey.

Having crossed the road, the Way wound its path up a single track road, passing cottages, one of which was named 'Cornflakes'; a new version of Morning Glory perhaps?

At the conclusion of this short track, la…

Scent goes Cold at Ashton

Well prim my primroses; another adventure along the Way. It all started at Cold Ashton, a small village just off the main A46 Bath Road and my starting point for this week's jaunt.
Having parked the car, I examined the nearby Cotswold Way signs.
They pointed in two directions; but bore no legend as to destinations. I desired to return towards Dyrham Woods and so join up with my last end point.
I made a decision and headed downhill, to cross the Bath Road and then make my way uphill along a narrow road. This, in turn reached woodland and thence into fields, with an  lake on the left, for the express purpose of fishing (all fish to be returned to the water once caught).
The climb was steady; but the environment was peaceful and all was calm.
I was especially pleased to find that some kindly person had supplied a bench at the top of a rise; just right for coffee and sandwiches.

Above is a part of the panorama, viewed from the bench.

Whilst munching on the sarnies and slurping the coff…



fall, fall. In muscus state, deliver from  tunnel into light, heat and sounds. Propelled by love into life.

A slow diffuse.
Light into images,
sounds into words,
bringing  the dawn
of understanding.

Explore the space,
move out in all directions.
Write and draw your
inner world.

The time passing.
The deepening of relationships.
The incredible glory of the moment
and the joy of now.

away the digital arc of your life,
through, images, sounds, thoughts
and texts, in the world of cyberspace.
memories, once stored will sustain.

of other realities,
other dimensions,
in light and grey aspects,
and smile at the approaching tunnel;
knowing as 'Yoda' might have said.
"Engage we will with  ancestors
and our elders. "
Until finally  we will,

2nd April 2010 A.D.

May the peace and joy of Easter, invade your lives, in the days and months ahead.