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Uncommonly Clement Weather On The Common; Soccer Analysis.

Selsey Common, near Stroud. Down below a stillness in the valley and little activity  in  the village of Kings Stanley. Last Monday ( 11/ 6 )  D. and I drove up to Selsey Common. It was a perfect Summer's day with clear blue skies and visibility reaching  a distance of over 16 kilometres. Very little wind, uncut grass and no evidence of cows, which often graze upon it. Indeed God was in  his heaven. I sat down, ate my sandwiches and glorified in the scene in front and near me. There is  nothing more to be said. A day to remember. 😁😁😁😁😁😁 Football Analysis  Premier League Predicted                        Actual Final Placing 1 Chelsea                         5th 2  Man Utd.                     2nd 3   Man City                    1st It was the year of the two Manchesters.  City ran away with the title leaving Utd  trailing in second.  Chelsea rallied  in the closing months of the season and won th