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A Sparkle Jar: Photo Gallery.

"Conversation is but carving, give no more to any guest, then he is able to digest " So wrote Jonathan Swift ( 1667 -1745 ). I think you will agree, although a memorable quote, it is not the usual fare a mother  gives to a young youth, but in a curious way, it describes the singular person Chris Packham, who finds social intercourse with people difficult and instead uses all his energies in the detailed study of all creatures, big and small. This is Chris's wonderful book "  Fingers in The Sparkle Jar. "  Note the intricate cover with its bird motif and sun peeping through. This is so typical of the care that Chris takes with all his work. There are no photos within the text, yet the eloquent and rich imagery allows the reader in see in the mind's eye a Kestrel swooping; a fish darting and insects swarming. Everything is precise and truthful and what he sees; when he sees it; is recorded. Here is an example of his writing: " Saw the