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League1 and League 2 Football Predictions: 3 pieces: Angels.

League One Predictions 1 Portsmouth 2 Lincoln City 3 Sunderland Portsmouth should be better than this League. The large Pompey fanbase should ring those bells and climb  into the Championship. The Cowley Brothers who have coached Lincoln up into League 1  continue to amaze  and one feels,  they are not finished yet. Their dedicated  and growing fans should  see Lincoln City  grab a second successive  promotion spot. I thought Sunderland were a  certainty last season to advance from this League, They made the play-offs, but lost 0-1 Charlton in the Final. They will surely make amends in 2020. League Two Predictions 1 Salford City 2  Leyton Orient 3  Plymouth Salford City, propelled by ex Man.Utd players financial support have risen through the lower leagues into League 2 and are probably with this momentum ready to take higher honours. Leyton Orient, who dropped through the leagues like a stone, are back up again. They have found their moj

Football Predictions- 2019-2020: Instant views.

With the Charity Shield  playing this Sunday (4th August ) and the Championship starting this weekend, it's high time I gave my predictions for The Premiership and  Championship Football Leagues. So here goes: Premiership 1 Manchester City 2  Liverpool 3  Tottenham Hotspur 4   Chelsea. It is impossible to see beyond City or Liverpool for the title. Spurs should carry on their impressive progress. They are safely bedded down in their new ground and seem sure to give a good account of themselves. Chelsea are my wild card. I am hoping, under the new stewardship of Frank Lampard, they will regain discipline and begin to play to their undoubted strengths. I am of course, wary of Manchester United, who must, at some time regain their form and strive for the top again. I give them another year in transition.  So, for me, two from the north west  and two  from the capital. Championship 1  Leeds 2  Cardiff City 3  West Bromwich Albion 4  Middlesboro