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United We Rise: Football Matters..

St James' Park  from NE 1908 HappyToons Wispy black clouds passed  quickly or the Gallowgate As  white hot passion began to slowly form and emanate An eruption of sound and noise arose from the crowd A chorus of hope fulfilled, leaving us very  tearful and proud  Champions, champions we are today, we'll away and savour  And send us a tweet to the Villa for doing us such a big favour. Majestically the Magpies claim the northern sky  At a lower level the Seagulls  are allowed to fly. So weary with emotion they gan  away from the ground To  have a bit craic in the taverns that in the toon abound. 'In Rafa we trust'; history in Black and White writ large and plain We canna wait to start in the Premier League all over  again. St James' Park today. 10/05 '17 CK. ( with apologies to Geordies everywhere) Well bless my blubber, we ( Newcastle United A.F. C.  'Magpies'), on the last match of t

Robins Up : May Day MayDay!.

  Well I managed to attend the Cheltenham ( Robins ) Football match against Hartlepool, The last home game of the season. You may remember from last week they needed one point from their two remaining games to ensure survival in  Football League 2. Their final match will be  away to Portsmouth,  to which I was not too optimistic regarding points accumulating.  With Hartlepool below us and in extreme danger of relegation, it was clear that our best chance lay in beating them. My match ticket at a specially lowered price  to encourage a large home crowd. I arrived at about two 'o'clock one hour before kick-off. This was the size of the crowd in the standing area  at 2:20. Twenty minutes later the stand was full. Pre kick-off we were treated to some training exercises. Here is a shot from the first half. Hartlepool in blue. To calm the nerves  the only goal came Robin's way, in the seventeenth minute, wh