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Playlists: Quick Pics.

Life is a playlist   Life is a playlist. A  constantly changing menu  amongst those old friends and family ties. In younger days health hardly ever made the list; except perhaps  for that sprained ankle or  sudden unexplained rash. But now in my snowdrop days, the list seems awash with  blood tests and further  appointments. There are dietary shuffles to. Porridge has replaced donuts  wine gums still makes the odd appearance, but are largely overtaken  By an expanding fruit bowl. These days,  treats have new names. My 'desert island disc ' selections  Point to changing tastes. Buddy Holly  Eddie Cochran  and The Shadows  No longer make my charts. But after all these years   The guitar still works My emotional chords The players may change But my love of the instrument  Has never waned. Bring on Joe Walsh, Gary Lucas and play those tunes. The love of family and friends Memories fr

The Prem Again: Birds In The Trees.

First up today. Report on my two Football Teams: Newcastle: lost to Fulham 1-0. A very poor start, even allowing for a ground that in the past has not favoured them, They should have made a  greater effort and shown a tighter cohesion . Need to improve quickly   4/ 10. Cheltenham: drew with Leyton Orient. Came back from an early goal, when they looked like being outclassed and overwhelmed, to gain the upper hand in the second half. Played with great heart and team spirit. Very impressed    8/ 10. Premier League 2016/7 1  Manchester United ( 7/2 ) 2  Manchester City     ( 5/2 ) 3  Chelsea                  ( 13/2 ) 4 Liverpool                 ( 9/ 1 ) Latest odds (11/ 8 ) from Oddschecker. Just make Man Utd to gain top spot at the expense of rivals Man. City.  If Jose allows freedom to his players, has goal-scoring opportunities  especially with new signing Zlatan Ibrahimovic able to produce goals at any time in the penalty area. A crowd pleaser. Also has record signi

Game On: Quick Pics.

Hey Ho !  Well bless my boots ! The footie season is back with us again. I have got to say,  each of the lower divisions  look trappy affairs, when it comes to spotting the winners. For what it's worth ( not much) here are my selections for glory: LEAGUE 2 Champions:  Doncaster Rovers   ( 9/ 1 ) Runners up :  Plymouth (16/ 1 ) Each Way :     Cheltenham Town    ( 25 /1 ) The bookies make Portsmouth favourites, but they can be unreliable over a season. I prefer the chances of near neighbours and rivals Plymouth.  Doncaster are always there or thereabouts and generally  set a high standard. They will do for me. Cheltenham ( Robins) have just re-entered the league. They arrive brimful of confidence and if they make a good start, they can trouble the best. LEAGUE 1 Champions : Sheffield United (6 / 1 ) Runners up:   Millwall  (  11/ 1 ) Each Way:     Coventry   ( 18 / 1 ) The bookies make Sheffield Utd and Millwall first and second favourites. I cannot di