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Caption Pics: Expansive Thinking

My Garden has just floated by.

Depends on the Pecking Order

Rays-A- Laugh


"Abbey Gardens;" Cirencester.
Upton On Severn.
"SeaQuarium. "   Weston- Super- Mare.

As you know, should you follow my Twitter feed (@curlykale) I am very keen on the "Expanse " TV series (Syfy channel). With the conclusion of series 3b (yet  to be screened in the UK ), it was feared that Series 4 would not be made. But due to fans unprecedented protests, this happened:

"The Expanse has been saved! Amazon has closed a deal to pick up the sci-fi drama series, which is in its third and final season on Syfy. The announcement was made tonight by Amazon’s boss himself, Jeff Bezos, at National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles where he was an honoree. It happened an hour or so after The Expanse panel at the same event that featured exec producer and showrunner Naren Shankar and cast members Cas Anvar, Wes Chatham and Ste…

Premier League Winners: More Moonshine: Point of View

On my last blog, I gave my football predictions for the Championship; League 1 and League 2
This week I look at the Premier League, which started today, 10th August 2018 A.D.

1  Manchester City      4/6

2  Liverpool                 4/1

3  Manchester United    8/1

4  Chelsea                     14/1

The only certainty is that Manchester City will win the league again. They will not  drop twenty five points in order to facilitate a challenge  to their title. They have the strongest squad in the league with at least two quality players for each position. Team morale is excellent. Enough said.

Liverpool should prove their strongest challenge. Klopp has strengthened the team with some good signings, including a top goalkeeper. They should be capable of more wins and less draws this season. I feel, however that the two Manchesters will once again prove their nemesis and lose them points. I hope Klopp will manage to win a cup and break his jinx of never, ever winning anything.

Manchester United will…

Butterflies: EFL Football Predictions: Blue Moon Remembered.


As I sit;
I can
Or even
They are
All In a
I close
My eyes,
Time for a
Bye Bye

Ck 03/08/'18

(with apologies to LJG )


Well bless my ( football ) boots, we've just over Moscow and the World Cup. Who remembers:
( Midnight in Moscow, with Kenny Ball  and band released in  1961-  Thought so !) 
 Now today  ( 04/08/'18) the EFL Football League ( 2018- '19 ) begins. That being so, it's time for my soccer predictions:

1  Aston Villa     (12/1)
2   Stoke             (11/2)
3   Swansea         ( 16/1 )
Villa having narrowly missed out last year, by 0- 1  to promoted Fulham. With new  money in the club, they  should surely join the Premier next season.
Stoke relegated last season has  a major chance to regain the top in one go. No-one will relish going to Stoke's Victoria Ground. The hostile atmosphere generated there should yield many points for St…