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Dealing with niggles; Christmas wishes: Two things to hope for in 2020

My way of dealing with niggles ,is to make them into a form of words; which helps me rationalise my anxieties  and so stop an obsession from forming. Al least that's what I think. So read the following and make your minds up. Not on my patch Sun breaks. Another day enfolds. The garden beckons; but harmony is soon broken, by aerial noises, a thousand times more  than the bumble Bee,  who pollinates rather than contaminates  the atmosphere. What arrogance gives  these Pipers, Senecas and their ilk  an entitlement to invade my space at intervals of ten minutes or so? For, if they moved on the ground; authorities  could curb their actions; But overhead they are completely free to inflict a menu of noise, air  and environmental  pollution, whilst making an incessant drone as they perform their circuits. So please,may your controllers  give us peace; a measure of serenity and our old, established gardens returned if o

Tree Story

Tree Story Silence covered  us like a blanket withdrawing the sound, as if in a  tunnelled vacuum. And momentarily I seemed to hear the trees,  sighing for their recent loss of children, lain like a restless, ragged, dirty, carpet turning into trampled mulch. Their brief coloured splendour over. At the copse gate appeared a horse and rider. With good conformation and groomed to  perfection, both were denizens of this district. Warned of boggy ground ahead, we made our way with sticks to the fore, into the tree platoon. and observed the congregation of branches praying above. Like proud soldiers they stood on guard resisting the wind and forces of nature. So should we; remain steadfast, keeping our  promises, oaths and standing our ground like these tenacious troopers. Misty-eyed, I paused in wonder, beeched, as we were, on top of the wolds, here at Cold Aston in Glorious Gloucestershire.  🐎🐎🐎🐎