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Red Gold Moon: Quick Pics.

Waiting for the Red Gold Moon Behind my lines a vibrant, youthful go-getter. Behind the lens wrinkles and age confront. I blur reality and wait for A Red Gold Moon. My mind in dreams collects ideas in an increasing multitudinous array. Things to do, in present and future times Waiting for a Red Gold Moon. I did not choose this mantle of discomfort  To accompany my cumbersome movements  Health is paramount and needs celebration In  good times, whilst now  I anxiously wait For a Red Gold Moon. Ck.27/9/'16 (((((((((())))))))))))))) Well September has rolled round and I have seemed to done very little with my time. But on a lovely afternoon D. and I made it to Cold Ashton and embraced the fresh air of the Wolds, Loved the air; Loved the spaces. My nephew M. has always been a big Dr. Who fan, so when it came to his wedding, he naturally requested a ' Dr. Themed ' event. The idea nev