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Living Space: Big Ron: Patti Smith: More Snow

Thursday 24th January. Last week I  suggested future trends in living; meant dwelling  in small city apartments; downsizing material and maximising space; whilst enjoying high insulation and energy efficiency. Here's a video, courtesy of "treehugger " showing how this was achieved in New York. Living Space A remarkable design. SsssssssssssSsssssssS Friday 25th January Ron Barry was always one of my favourite jockeys. He rode in the 70s with elan and verve. He was based in the north at Greystoke, near Penrith, riding for trainer Gordon W. Richards. That combination brought me many winners; including ; T he Scottish Grand National with ' Playlord' (1969) carrying 12stones and ten years later,  winning the Cheltenham Mackeson Gold Cup on the grey ' Man Alive.' Both at a good price of 10/1. I n the season of 1973 - 4,  he was Champion Jockey with a record (then) of 125 winners, many of them upon northern tracks, which had a reputa

Alaska Warms:Captain's Birthday: Download World

 Thursday 17th January Alaska Warms:"  Alaska had a frigid start to the winter, but it has experienced a significant January thaw. An “ atmospheric river ” event brought tropical moisture to the state during the past week, with warm air turning snow to rain and freezing rain as far inland as Fairbanks. The 0.10 inches of rain that fell in Fairbanks on Monday was the most rain to fall there in a single January storm since 1963. " ( source Treehugger). The net result of this warming will send arctic winds south to the states.  As a result,  the Inauguration of President Obama, next Monday 21st January in Washington  may  well be a cold affair. AaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaA From the files: In a world of squares he was a rectangle.                                               If you gave him lined paper, he wrote sideways. His words like the wind, rustled the leaves  and caused patterns to emerge. In the Mojave Desert, light shimmered

Happy Yew Year:Toffees eat Robins:Feel the Heat: Crickley Walk.

Wednesday January 9th. As we move into the new year, it's good to notice things which have a sense of continuity. No better start, than our friendly Yew Tree, which really lays down roots in all senses. This foot shaped beauty, helps guard the west door of St. Edward's Church, Stow on the Wold. Here's a fuller version, both photographed today in Stow. Long may they grow and give us their support. YyyyyyyyyYyyyyyyY Thursday January 10th. Extreme Weather " Look at Mother Nature on the run in the twenty first century. "  so ends '  After The Gold Rush, ' a song by Neil Young,  as recorded by Patti Smith ( from Banga ). Well., we certainly are living in a world climate, where Nature is cranking up to beat previously set temperature records. The era of Extreme Weather So the year has started  with very high temperatures leading to bush fires in Australia. The above remarkable picture was  taken  by Commander Hadfiel

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January 1st 2013. A good New Year to you all. I looked for a thirteen digit word to match the new year and came up with ( opportunities.  ) That seemed a useful, positive start. Well the Major  got his precipitation; but it was of the watery kind, not the predicted white stuff for Christmas day: so the bookies kept the money in their satchels  and went away for a winter break to somewhere warm and dry.  Oh dear! We are now in a cycle of extreme weather and  even the most fervent climate-change denier,  who sees this as merely a phase we are going through, must acknowledge we are in this scenario for the long-haul. Two  weather statistics, which show the oddity of our climate are:  ( 1 ) April and June 2012,[ averaged over England and Wales] were the wettest such months in a record stretching back to 1766- the ONLY instance of two record-breaking months in a single year.  ( 2 )  An extended warm spell in late March (remember that ? ) brought record-breaking temperatures in A