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Spot The Truth: Bloomin' Daffs: Hello Ducky.

In those bad, old, days when apples only grew on trees and pictures could not be taken, but had to be drawn; portrait painters only  worked on commission  and therefore they tried to show their subjects in the best possible light, in order  to avoid rejection and consequent loss of fees. Step forward the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell. He instructed his painter Sir Peter Lely, to paint  his ( Cromwell's)  portrait as accurate as possible and certainly not blemish free. I suppose he was told not to gild the lily ( Lely)  - Whoops sorry about that. Here  is the resulting portrait. You can clearly see a wart on his bottom lip and,  yes you've guessed it,  from this episode, comes the expression "  Warts And All. " WwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwL In 1922 The Daffodil Cinema opened in Cheltenham's Sussex Road area. It continued showing films until it abruptly  closed for business in September !963. This fine art deco building became firstly a bingo hall and

That's Jazz: Walkin' the 'Drops.

Caught the  Coltrane Blowing up a storm Went miles with Davis Who read " the Art of Farming ," whilst I Looked outside The cabin until  The  Sun Ra arose. Got out at Basin Street Feeling kinda blue. Waiting on the corner. Saw Joe pass me by He seemed strung up But I didn't feel any fret. Sidewalk scene Bought Moondog music from the Man. Walked couple of blocks In a silent way to home. Watched the Weather Report Heavy frisell and wayne over Bird Land; otherwise cool. Happy with long, quiet nights And shorter darkness. Staying in the groove. Ck. 18/19 February 2015 AD.                                             This is my  attempt at a jive poem. It has no useful purpose,  except for allowing me puns and word play. However, although nonsense, it seemed to display a fractured logic by the finish. JjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjZ D. and I  made, what is becoming an annual February

A Robin Man: All Joined Up: Everything Good.

We can't read and we can't write, But that don't really matterrrrr, We all come from CHELTENHAMSHIRE, and we can drive a tractorrrr,  Ooh Arrr, Ooh Arrr, Ooh Arrr, Ooh Arrr, Ooh Arrr, CHELTENHAMSHIRE LA LA LA, CHELTENHAMSHIRE LA LA LA, CHELTENHAMSHIRE LA LA LA, CHELTENHAMSHIRE LA LA LA... The above are the lyrics to the " Tractor Song "  as sung by Cheltenham  football fans. The Late Derek Goddard admitted to shedding  a few tears when he heard it during a play-off final in 2002 when Cheltenham Town gained promotion To League 1. He was the sport's writer for the the Gloucestershire Echo. A position he occupied for over forty years  He saw the change during this time from ' hot metal ' printing to a full computerisation process. He had a preference for the older method, which he  claimed allowed  more colleague interaction and, of course smoking at his desk. He covered home and away matches  for Cheltenham Town ( The Robins ,) from 1963

Snow's Good: Digitally Yours:Snowdrops, But Not Quite.

Last Tuesday (3 /2 ) 56 year's ago, Buddy Holly, together with Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper died in a 'plane crash. This year 2015 , on this day I awoke to a sprinkling of snow. It lay on our back yard and made a slight mess of the outside road. At ten 'o' clock D. and I set off for Tewkesbury. We had only gone a couple of miles towards our destination , when suddenly all was clear and greenish again. A proper vanishing trick! Furthermore, the next day we drove across the top of the Cotswolds and again not a trace of 'the white stuff' could be seem. It merely was a cold early Spring day. This has perplexed me a trifle. The temperatures were close to, or at times under freezing point and yet no precipitation  occurred .  This weather is on the change. It's Snow-good. SsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssW Access my screen life, In a hotspot. You try WiFi  So, I write You read. I shoot You see. I video You watch D