That's Jazz: Walkin' the 'Drops.

Caught the Coltrane
Blowing up a storm
Went miles with Davis

Who read "the Art of
Farming ," whilst I
Looked outside
The cabin until
 The Sun Ra arose.

Got out at Basin Street
Feeling kinda blue.

Waiting on the corner.
Saw Joe pass me by
He seemed strung up

But I didn't feel any fret.
Sidewalk scene
Bought Moondog music
from the Man.

Walked couple of blocks
In a silent way to home.

Watched the Weather Report
Heavy frisell and wayne over
Bird Land; otherwise cool.

Happy with long, quiet nights
And shorter darkness.
Staying in the groove.
Ck. 18/19 February 2015 AD.

This is my attempt at a jive poem. It has no useful purpose,  except for allowing me puns and word play. However, although nonsense, it seemed to display a fractured logic by the finish.


D. and I  made, what is becoming an annual February visit; namely a walk around the Sherborne Estate, near Burford at the Gloucestershire/ Oxfordshire border. 

It is an engaging walk, which takes in fields, woods, roads and estate paths. It has  a varied gradient and always views to enjoy. The original reason, all that time ago, for the visit was to see early signs of snowdrops . This resulted in many pics of the 'drops; but fret not, I am not about to bore you with endless white vistas. Here is just one.

What I continue to love about snowdrops is their independence. They decide where they want to grow and only to those spots will they return to delight each year.

We have completed this walk many times and rather than go over the details here is a link from a  previous blog posting.

The weather last Tuesday (17 / 2 ) was very bright and sharp, bringing out the intensity of the landscape. The morning frost was melting, leaving the pathways  becoming increasingly muddy in places. For this reason walking boots are an essential prerequisite for this location.

 Sculpture is always a welcome addition to an estate, particularly when they are as fine as this figure.

This deer was also attractive in its wood location.

Finally the part of the walk which takes you  on the pavement alongside the River Windrush is always a feast for the eyes, being a  quintessential  Cotswolds view.

And yes the water really was that colour.

After we retrieved our car from the barn car park, we made our way to a nearby Pub, "The Fox " at Great Barrington.

The Fox.

It is set in truly inspirational surroundings, being by the banks of the Windrush.

It also serves, as I told the Landlord, the best thing to come from Cotswold waters, namely Donnington Ales.

A fine place to visit, but with this caveat, although possessing a finely equipped restaurant, the prices are a little on the high side; so observe the menu with a certain caution.
The above mentioned beer is, however reasonably priced and extremely quaffable.


Well bless my barnacles, one more week to go and we shall see the back of February. 
March beckons and I can hear in  my head the sound of those galloping horses - the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival fast approaches.

So as always make the most of the week ahead and make the start of the Chinese New Year  ( year of the goat ) a good one.

Cheerio for now,


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