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The Garden

The Garden  1 "  We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time ' Time that impudent jester leads us merrily down the  valley of confusion. A few wakes, a few sleeps and here we are back  treading the paths with  Clarence. The crisp, warm air brings  vaulted scents of perfume,  pipe smoke, laughter and  honest toil and sweat. It is that delicacy of creation; that perfection of colour and shade that shows God's microcosm of Earthly delight; contained within  the petals of a flower. What mind devised that vibrancy of colour? beyond the painter's imagination, transfixing us, to the spot; whilst  the iPhone armada  point and click    leaving  us a digital reminder  of location,  time  and memory,  within the Jester's keeping. The wrinkle of time disfigures  our  sustained  relaxation an

Toy Story: Football Wrap-up : Natural Pics.

TS4-Teaser. Lets take this review in easy stages: 1 'Give It Up ' for the Late  Steve Jobs. He made Pixar possible by financing the project; when it looked a very risky venture. From that early inception, the company has never sold the genre of animation short on quality and minute attention to detail. Its first film was " Toy Story" in 1995 and to date twenty one films have been made by Pixar.  Collaboration with Disney, who now own Pixar started in 2005. " Toy Story 2 " appeared in 1999 and the trilogy was completed in 2010 with " Toy Story 3" 2   Many people believe that the trilogy was equal to any made. It appeared to be  a finished project. Why then after nine years was Toy Story 4 made ? Was it a shameless exercise in bean-counting in the expectation of profits at the box-office ? Could it offer a new dimension for the toys? Yes it could. 3 This film moved the centre of stage from the children to the toys themselves. In doing s