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Highs and Lows:The Sprung of Spring

Highs and Lows With the start of the grass flat season today (30/03/'19 ) some words about National Hunt Racing. Inwardly we feel excitement but in life the  pulse is retrained Emotions trapped in our bodies. mostly we cope with existence - It will do for now. So at times  we visit a theatre of dreams to witness equine heroes in action. All is a dance,  a choreography of moment  the parade;  the selection;  the speculation  anticipation,  greed;   joining a tribal affair. All eyes, binoculars, glasses on the start. (to be read in a gallop ) “ Their off!” And so are we,  straining; peering  watching  voices released  groaning  encouraging It’s the final lap. anxious  crowd pulsing,  willing their mount or not. The final phase . Crowd find their voices crescendo building  tension release yelling screaming cursing. nothing controlled A highly animated  outburst. crying th