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Blog Of A Blog 2:: Geen Nativity: Wassail.

In April the General Election was all the rage: here's what I wrote about two Party leaders. Mr Cameron:  he seems to be  looking progressively  tired the longer this election business goes on. He can't understand why he is not further ahead in the polls. After all, all of the indicators are pointing in the right direction. Unemployment is falling, inflation is staying low and the economy continues to be the fastest growing in Europe. He even has a Royal baby lined up ( please don't call him Edward! ) to keep the people happy. He should now, I believe, stop sniping at opponents and rely on the good old mantra: '  It's the economy stupid. '   Eventually, the voters will get the message. Mr. Milliband: First of all I must congratulate him on his choice of tailor. He really has 'scrubbed up well. ' He must avoid constantly using the word "  look "  at the start of each answer. ' Look, we really,  do get the point Ed. '

Blog of A Blog Part 1:

With old Father Time ticking up the months and only a few days of this year to go; it seems a good occasion to look back over this year's blog. JANUARY: In January I was celebrating my gift of a Captain Beefheart Print; entitled "  Parapliers: The willow Dipped. "  Here is what I said about it: "Parapliers apparently means a pair of pliers; tools in the construction of the railway. Don shows them as eyes framing  the way to future despoilition of the countryside. Don was a lover of nature and the environment. He spent most of his life in the Mojave Desert and thus was particularly aware of the changing features of light, shade and the colours encountered in this region. His paintings are great swirls of colours generally placing animal or animal shapes larger than any human content. The paint was often daubed and scraped on in places; showing a restless energy in his work. With the late onset of MD, he found increasing difficulty with his finger manipulatio