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Rebabative: Climate worries


-Repelled by Mankind’s treatment of-Earth, our liveable home which -By our nature and greedy consumption  -Across our planet we-Readily commit to global warming-Bringing temperature extremes -And raising our ocean’s levels bringing-Territory flooding, land and species loss. -Instruct our leader’s to heed scientists-Very seriously, helping  next generations-Embrace and protect our only world.
rebarbative | rɪˈbɑːbətɪv | adjective formal unattractive and objectionable: rebarbative modern buildings. ORIGIN
late 19th century: from French rébarbatif, -ive, from Old French se rebarber ‘face each other ‘beard to beard’ aggressively’, from barbe ‘beard’.

I was given the word  above. ' Rebarbative ' from a friend, who heard it during a lecture, where clearly the speaker had swallowed a lexicon.
No I did not  know this word either, so I have included the definition above.

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