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Woodchester: Flowing Water: Football Blues

First of all a big tip of the hat to local weather forecasting. They promised that last Sunday (18/ 11 ) was   to be a bright clear sunny day. They were right.

I had wanted for some time,  to visit again Woodchester Mansion, located near Nymphsfield, which itself is about  four miles away from Dursley.

The Mansion, a Victorian Gothic Grade 1 listed building, lies in a secluded valley and was abandoned mid-construction in 1873. It will never be finished. The park grounds are a National Trust Property.


Leaving the rough stone car park one walks through the trees  onto a gravel path, which leads you downwards into the valley


There was a discernible chill in the air as we rounded this corner. You will notice that the right hand side was still frosty where the sun never seems to permeate.

Rounding the corner one gets the first glimpse of the Mansion.
Why was it built here in this cold spot?
An air of mystery confronts the passerby.

It would have been a lonely, cold,  and dismal…

Family Dinner: Markets: Robins

Last Sunday 11th November, was a lovely bright winter's day. It was the perfect setting for a family reunion dinner.

The location was  " The Swan "  at Swinbrook.

The Swan

It was easily reached via the A40 Oxford Road; about a mile and a half past the Burford roundabout turn.

The pub itself being situated  opposite a bridge over the river Windrush, about a mile  down the track from the sign above.

The river Windrush bathed in sunlight.

It was an excellent meeting of my family, many whom I hadn't seen for over forty years.

Before getting into the car for the drive home, we crossed the road and went for a short walk up the nearby hill; which looked to be a popular hiking spot.


Yesterday, 17th November, the annual german market opened on the Promenade in Cheltenham; a sure sign Christmas and winter were upon us.

The huts contained their usual mix of food,  drink, hats, lanterns and jewellery.  It is always a pleasure to walk around and gaze at the merchan…

In Town Again: Reunion Time

Friday found  D. and I in London again.

The trees in Regent's Park, were in the twilight of their colours.

The lake beckoned enticingly.

Whilst Moor Hens appeared at the side.

The reason for our visit to the metropolis was to attend a concert at the Union Chapel in Islington.

This rather blurred picture gives a little indication  of the inside of this beautiful  building.

Union Chapel

The concert was given by Mark Kozelek, who also uses the moniker ' Sun Kil Moon. '
He played and sang a two hour  acoustic set upon guitar.
His musical talents can not be denied, with voice and guitar in a seamless blend.
However, for me he was rather self-indulgent and seemed so absorbed in  performance, that he lacked at times,  a communication link with the audience. He travels the world to play and so  should have been  able to talk about  places and  song lyrics.

It would have given a useful reference point to the concert.

But perhaps, I am being a tad harsh; for his playing, particularly…

Around the Town

250 Up!

Yes those splendid people from Blogger; who keep a note of these things tell me, that this is my 250th posting; so I hope you will almost, forgive my pompous start.

Went to London for a couple of days last weeks: here are some photographic memories.

St. James's Park at dusk.

Horse Guards 20 minutes later.

Had dinner in China Town.

Lunch ( Frankfurter) in Borough Market.

Crossed the Millennium Bridge.

St. Pauls Ahead.

Finally reached The Barbican, only to find the art installation :  At the Curve
had a two hour queue.

Guess what.  We didn't wait.


Cheltenham Town ( The Robins ) are progressing well.
Yesterday, in the first round of the FA Cup against Non-League side Yate Town, the Robins won 3 - 0.

Here I should give a 'Shout-out' to Yate, who belied their standing in the league (110places below) with a determined effort and also to the travelling fans of over 800; who made the occasion special.

To finish, a topical subject, with all this wet stu…