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250 Up!

Yes those splendid people from Blogger; who keep a note of these things tell me, that this is my 250th posting; so I hope you will almost, forgive my pompous start.

Went to London for a couple of days last weeks: here are some photographic memories.

St. James's Park at dusk.

Horse Guards 20 minutes later.

Had dinner in China Town.

Lunch ( Frankfurter) in Borough Market.

Crossed the Millennium Bridge.

St. Pauls Ahead.

Finally reached The Barbican, only to find the art installation :  At the Curve
had a two hour queue.

Guess what.  We didn't wait.


Cheltenham Town ( The Robins ) are progressing well.
Yesterday, in the first round of the FA Cup against Non-League side Yate Town, the Robins won 3 - 0.

Here I should give a 'Shout-out' to Yate, who belied their standing in the league (110places below) with a determined effort and also to the travelling fans of over 800; who made the occasion special.

To finish, a topical subject, with all this wet stuff we are having. A picture taken in London to demonstrate, how a splash of colour can enliven a grey space.

Brolly Good Show- What.

Have a good week.



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