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A Golden Day In The Shire: Gloucester.

The great thing about weather apps, is that they indicate the week ahead.
 The information from 'Yahoo' this week indicated that Tuesday 20th would be a clear, non-wet, bright autumn day and so it proved.

D. and I set out to re-visit the Cotswold village of Notgrove, near Stow on The Wold.

Leaving the main Cheltenham to Oxford Road, we turned left onto the Stow road (A436).
The road leaps upwards and gains the higher grounds. The visibility was excellent; the sky was blue and God was in his Heaven.
To me, the Wolds hold a special quality. There is clarity of vision and  a breath of clear and often cold  air.

 The word ' Wolds ' used to mean forest, but as the trees were  cleared , the term 'Wolds ' now refers to high ground.
Once gaining this aspect, we turned right along a  small country road which led  us to Notgrove. A quaint,  quintessential Wold village, containing farms, houses, village hall and a parish church.

It was in the direction of the  church that…

Life On Mars: Wordy Fun: Pics.

A colourful start to the week for you


In 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first man to land on the moon. He manually took control to achieve the Lunar landing. We now have more powerful computers in our cell phones, than Neil used to land on the moon's surface.

Now since 2013, plans are being made for the first human colony  on the planet Mars. The astronauts are due to arrive on Mars in 2027 to establish the settlement.
See more details here:

This will be a one-way trip; whereas in the film I saw this week ( 15 / 10) it was possible to return.

The film was " The Martian "  starring Matt Damon.
In this story scientific workers working on the planet  carrying out experiments including soil and rock sample are hit by a storm. Because of the severity of this incident they were ordered by the commander to return to their pod and evacuate Mars (Matt Damon ) Mark Whatney is hit by debris and believed to have been killed, so is left on the planet.

He recovers an…

Liverpool Saga: A Tail To Be Tolled:Forest Features.

Liverpool Saga
There was a man called Herr Klopp, Who fell in love with the crowd at the Kop. Seeing them saddened with desires flown, He told them, “ with me, you”ll  never walk alone.
To the team he said" I’m a magician I’ll soon rectify all omissions." All hopes of trophies you must not douse, I’m going to raise up the mighty  scouse.
I’m neither mad nor a German   fool  and I  will  bring life back  to the ‘Pool. From this moment on you will never be a flop, I give you word - signed  .


Two or three posts ago, I mentioned the late Cornish poet Charles Causley.

The above book has always been a favourite of mine. I recently managed to acquire a fresh copy , having lost the  book  years ago.
It really is a marvel of a Children's book; being an epic poem about the arrival of a Trinosaur in a country town, told in 24 shakes.
It has beautiful drawings by Jill Gardiner and an introduction by Michael Rosen; who says of the book:

" Here is a virtuoso…

For Sophie:

For Sophie

On the eve of the Super moon, Before blood-red dragons would Overcome the sweet chariots of King George. When September had walked  Twenty six steps. From two came one. Sophie entered life's arena.

The newness of new Miniature perfection With tufts of hair, arms and long legs.

Contented she sleeps. Close to Mother, Who ponders the years Ahead with a family. whilst Dad looks on with loving Luminosity in his eyes And embraces the miracle of a daughter, Sweet Sophie.

Well, I reckon after the shocking display the English rugby gave, they would be lucky to win this plastic cup. Ah well at least we have the Irish, Welsh and maybe the Scots to cheer on in the quarter finals.
As usual, have a good week, Cheerio for now Ck.