Life On Mars: Wordy Fun: Pics.

A colourful start to the week for you


In 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first man to land on the moon. He manually took control to achieve the Lunar landing. We now have more powerful computers in our cell phones, than Neil used to land on the moon's surface.

Now since 2013, plans are being made for the first human colony  on the planet Mars. The astronauts are due to arrive on Mars in 2027 to establish the settlement.
See more details here:

This will be a one-way trip; whereas in the film I saw this week ( 15 / 10) it was possible to return.

The film was " The Martian "  starring Matt Damon.
In this story scientific workers working on the planet  carrying out experiments including soil and rock sample are hit by a storm. Because of the severity of this incident they were ordered by the commander to return to their pod and evacuate Mars (Matt Damon ) Mark Whatney is hit by debris and believed to have been killed, so is left on the planet.

He recovers and learns he is the only one left ( now called Whatney's Red Planet  old beer drinkers joke ).
Fortunately he is a botanist and a very resourceful person.
He has the problem of finding enough food to last until the next mission lands on Mars. He finds and grows potatoes, using human poo and gradually finds ways to communicate with NASA, using old equipment, solar panels and a camera. At first he can only send Yes or No statements, but later modifies using hexadecimal (base 16) loved by programmers, easily transferable into binary code ( 1s and 0s ) Hexadecimal base uses numbers  1 to 9 and letters A to F. They tell me that 2015 equals 7DF ( who knew).

This is a gentle film with no villains . Whatney, has a wry sense of humour and is self-mocking. He keeps a video diary and is constantly problem solving. There is even a DIY element when Mark uses gaffer tape and cellophane to augment repairs.

The visuals, as you would expect in a Ridley Scott film are stunning; the script is excellent and the assembled cast play their parts to perfection .
It is difficult to fault and well worthy of your time.
see the trailer here:

The Martian

So enamoured with this film. I have ordered the book, by Andy Weir from the library and look forward to reading it.
In the meantime, go see the film.


A few posts ago I mentioned I was reading through This wonderful book by Mark Forsyth. He is a finder of arcane words from a multitude of dictionary resources . In the above book he charts words for an entire day of activity.

Here are six such words taking you from waking up to getting to your work-place.

Zwodda   ( waking up ) a drowsy and stupid state of 
                body or mind.

Egrote       To feign sickness in order to avoid work.

Squiggle  ( mouthwashing) With lip closed
                            shake a fluid in your mouth.

Gleek     To squirt or eject liquid from your mouth.

Scrouge  ( useful in the tube)  to push, squeeze and 
               encroach on a person's space.

Scuddle    ( getting to your workplace ) To run with a 
                 touch of affected haste. As you stagger in 
                 breathing quickly you say " Am I late ? "  


Best to Scotland, Ireland and Wales in their bids for semi-final Rugby World Cup status.
I fancy Ireland to beat Argentina; Wales to narrowly overcome South Africa and Scotland to gracefully accept defeat against Australia.

Cheerio for now,


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