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Autumn Glow

Autumn Glow
A butterfly pirouetted in corn stalks. What I wondered was it doing
     in this late October day?
I had reached my beeches, for another  year of wonder.

I walked, or rather stumbled along the dusty track and looked  over at the land
meeting the horizon in gentle wold folds.
It was quiet enough to hear nature in the raw.
Birds flew disturbed from the trees while insects hummed and buzzed an autumn symphony.
Ahead, along the path lay   Notgrove or was it Nutwood 
in Rupert Bear land?

Stepping into the grove,
 a tree-world  filled with leaf 
encrusted paths and I felt a
 zephyr of wind
 move the evergreen leaves.

They seemed to make music,  far above my hearing range dancing notes that swayed
 in graceful leaf minuets. 
 Spiders groomed
and cobwebs swoomed
laying down their traps.

 Leaves were falling and
sprawling to be received
 by the ground underneath.
Winter would be coming
before long. 

I made my mark, not with the vigour of youth,
 but sufficient to ensure an annual pact with the soil.
 Stepping out tree-ro…

Deer Me

Dear Me.

Contained Always looking  in the shadow behind reality in a day-dream
wondering. or merely  confused, as thoughts  passage their way through the hemispheres.

I listen and sometimes in
mind's eye visualise
the monks chanting
 and moving beneath
 as of old
 All the ages
 becoming as one.

While cobwebs swoon 
and spiders groom
preparing their traps.

Our webs are more fluid,
But in the chime of time
we are  all caught.

Autumn warmth as precious as a stolen kiss
pervades the interior
And so I pause 
and savour
whilst the world
 continues rutting ebbing and flowing  and  I lift my coffee
cup and drink in life.


Photos: 1 "Deer park at Prinknash " 2 " October Sun at the Lido Cheltenham.

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