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Wonderous Wotton Waymarkers

As promised , here is a picture of one of the excellent Wotton Under Edge blue and white Cotswold Way waymarkers . They really are the cream of the crop and show the right spirit , when celebrating a National Trail whose route takes you through its Town Centre. On your behalf , dear reader I raised a glass of ' Youngs ' in a local Wotton hostelry as a vote of thanks for this public demonstration of support for the W ay . I made my first incursion into "enemy " territory . I took the precaution of donning my flat cap , thus avoiding the negative reaction the woolly hat might bring with its possible connection with 'eco -warriors ' those 4 by 4 snatchers so disliked in this region. I teamed the cap with a pair of yellow cord trousers , so beloved by the polo watching fraternity and felt reasonably safe in this environment. I saw peasants working with tractors ( new registrations naturally) in the fields and thought at one point I heard the audible sou

Cam Long Down in Shades

The great thing about walking at this time of year is the variance in the views afforded by the changes in the weather. I took this picture this week on Monday ( 10/11 ) of the mist enshrouded Cam Long Down; whereas the previous Monday , you can see the photo taken from the viewpoint of looking down from the edge of Cam Long Down , showing a vivid clarity , depth and brightness. What a difference a week makes ! The rest of the walk to Dursley was interesting for two reasons. Firstly , the appearance next to the Way of a new build " mushroom " shaped house ; with an integral garage underneath the "cap". I'm sure it had many green features ; we'll have to ask Loyd Grossman to investigate further. Secondly , it is amazing how the town of Dursley lies neatly in the valley ; thus, one can , in a matter of minutes climb out out of the town centre and be literally on the Way deep in countryside with corresponding views to match. In terms , then of the Wa

Magic Carpet Ride and Wood Words

The Road Goes Ever On and moving forward from Coaley Viewpoint I made it to Cam Long Down . On the way , I walked down a " tunnel " formed by trees and a path bestrewn with a bed of autumn leaves. It is in moments like this that one feels almost a tangible part of the environment. (see Picture 1 ) Whilst in these woods , I came across further examples of Tom Clarke's work , whom I mentioned in my last posting. Picture 2 shows one of his cards. It should be noted , that this is a much enlarged version ; their actual size being that of a postcard , which fits easily to the side of gates , marking the boundaries of the woodlands . They are entirely unprepossessing and almost certainly overlooked , by the majority of the walkers who pass by along the way. To me this non-intrusion , only adds to their value , as little items on the forest trail , no more or less important than a leave , twig or flower. My walk ended , as indicated at Cam Long Down , which