Wonderous Wotton Waymarkers

As promised , here is a picture of one of the excellent Wotton Under Edge blue and white Cotswold Way waymarkers . They really are the cream of the crop and show the right spirit , when celebrating a National Trail whose route takes you through its Town Centre.
On your behalf , dear reader I raised a glass of ' Youngs ' in a local Wotton hostelry as a vote of thanks for this public demonstration of support for the Way .

I made my first incursion into "enemy " territory . I took the precaution of donning my flat cap , thus avoiding the negative reaction the woolly hat might bring with its possible connection with 'eco -warriors ' those 4 by 4 snatchers so disliked in this region. I teamed the cap with a pair of yellow cord trousers , so beloved by the polo watching fraternity and felt reasonably safe in this environment.

I saw peasants working with tractors ( new registrations naturally) in the fields and thought at one point I heard the audible sounds of ageing rock stars ; clearly wondering when to release yet another re-packaged 'greatest - hits ' ; with of course the compulsory never heard before track(s) to encourage sales amongst new and completist buyers.

Alas , dear reader , I can report the end of the hose pipe ban in this area , and with the cessation of drought conditions , as picture two clearly shows , I was unable to complete my outing to Alderley (twinned with Mastercard ) and will have to try at a later , drier date.




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