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Approaching Easter.

The Ride   Sand below, holding on, to the seat. A jog walk,  amidst the sound of bells and smells  of the sea. Astride the donkey, resting upon garments, into a sea of people Would you have strewn, palm leaves before the hooves and joined in the clamour of Hosannas or would you turn the other way, not wishing to be in the presence of the King? It is the turning point. Facing the way you came from. follow the hoof prints back along the beach. Returning to: safety; affection; parental love and daily  care. Into Jerusalem,  lifted to the ground,  hot, tired and certain of no return,  yet. ready to receive: acclamation, condemnation, humiliation, extirpation. The young boy returned  from the sea-side to home. The Man returned from the grave to Earthly  life. Happy Easter. Ck 25-26/03. ******************* Find The Major's Easter thoughts her

Round-up: Nearly Easter.

Friday 22nd March 2013 The flowers say it's Spring: the temperatures deny this fact. The U.K. has Arctic winds, snow and heavy rain causing flooding and, oh yes flat racing has commenced at Doncaster today. This time last year we were basking in temperatures of 21C and hoping for a hot summer; which as we know was also denied. We are still in the church season of Lent and in a bout of self-denial, I have given up coffee for this period. This ends, for me this Palm Sunday, when Jesus reached Jerusalem and I look forward to raising a hot cup of roasted beans and toasting Holy Week. My Late Father, had a particular fondness for a yellow floral tie. To keep this memory alive I have elected to purchase a floral tie every year and wear it for the first time on Easter Sunday.  It has to be said, that with the modern appalling fashion of  wearing jackets and suits without a tie;  they have become increasingly hard to come by and, floral, well really! Nevertheless, with ca

Festival Review

Friday March 15th I am writing this blog at half past six in the evening, at the conclusion of the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival 2013. The two above pictures were taken last Sunday ( 10 / 3 ) and show some of the 65 acres of the Cheltenham race course, covered in  black frost sheets. I have never witnessed  this on the eve of the festival. The reason being, the extreme cold temperatures we have been experiencing recently. Last Monday, aided by the Arctic wind chill, parts of the course dipped down to -12C. But after a ten o'clock morning  inspection,  racing was given the go ahead and the festival got underway, with one difference; the opening race was put back half an hour to 2:05, rather than 1:35pm. These were the lowest temperatures we have had at the festival for 27 years, (1986) ; when that wonderful mare Dawn Run won the Gold Cup. Dawn Run  I was lucky enough to be at Cheltenham in January of '86. I saw Dawn Run, up close at the first fence, p

Magic Band in Bristol: River Views

Hello, This is my new T shirt, bought at a concert featuring The Magic Band at "The Fleece, " Bristol,  which I attended last Monday , March 4th 2013. This was my fourth MB concert, that I have been to. The dates and venues of the three previous  being: Shepherd's Bush  April  2003.  This was the historic first time the band had played together for 20 years                                                   since working with the Late Captain Beefheart (aka Don Van Vliet ) Royal Festival Hall  January  2004. The Scala                 November 2011.    All the above venues, in London. Here is my blog entry for the  Scala  concert.                Scala In my humble estimation, the Magic Band have improved every time I have seen them. They seem very comfortable playing the material and totally engaged in their work. This is a picture of John ' Drumbo ' French, Captain Beefheart's original drummer, leader and guiding light of the re-fo

Football round-up: The Fault In Our Stars.

Hi All,         Still feeling cheesey, so shortened fare again. Sunday 3rd March Football Round-up 1 Cheltenham  ( The Robins ) Still going reasonably well in the league. Beat Wimbledon (2 - 1) yesterday (2 /3)  ending three successive drawn games. Looking at the stats, Cheltenham have drawn thirteen games this season. No more please! They lie currently in the play-offs, in sixth place with 58 points; but significantly only one point away from third place and automatic promotion. So Robins Go For It ! 2   Newcastle  ( The Toons ) Made several useful French signings during the January transfer window. They are beginning to bed down and play as a team. Importantly their spirit is good. There is, however no room for complacency as they currently reside in 15th position on 30 points, level with rivals Sunderland and a mere 6 points from the drop-zone. Expecting better things soon ( Ha'way The Lads ) 3  Everton  ( The Toffees ) You may remember awhile ag