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Football End of Season: Fortified Manor House: Photos.

The English Football Season (2018/9) has virtually limped to a finish, saving a few playoff finals. The Premier League's top four are the following: Manchester City   98  points Liverpool              97 points. Chelsea                 72 points Tottenham             71 points. My predictions  were as follows: Manchester City Liverpool Manchester United Chelsea. As you can see I was completely wrong about United, who  only finished the season in 6th place with 66 points; a full 32 points behind Man. City ! Indeed the most notable  feature of the season was the eclipsing of the others, by the top two clubs, who fought to the end, with Liverpool going under by a mere point. The Premier League said goodbye to Huddersfield; Fulham and Cardiff City. In their place we welcomed Norwich City and Sheffield United and either Aston Villa or Derby County who have their decider next Monday (27 / 5 ). The Premier League showed itself to be one of the most powerful leagues in

Digital Sorrow: A Tapesty of Modern Life:

Rising and Falling. The Rise of the Ones and Noughts. Stop and Go hide and seek up and down on and off  binary choices recorded and filmed  heard and seen, often   unknowingly in our collective digital print. Snap is an ungrateful word. Like slap it stops your actions, freezing you for a second. To pose is also to impose upon you. Where is the soul and inner spirit in a photograph ? A mere passing reality. Whereas The painter and sculptor look inward  teasing out  a lasting essence  of the subject. The chosen media imprints a personalised appreciation. It lives on. 💁💁💁💁💁💁 Death Mask. Unlike Dante, I'll not be requiring a death mask. All that oil and plaster. No thanks. Such vanity. And, if I asked for one to be  made , where would it lie? As a bookend for my Game of Thrones books;   in a box with my Beefheart disks or Iionically,  in  the garden shed   amongst   the to