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Why is it as we get older,  do the little things seem to bother us so much? Even approaching seventy years I still get anxious if I misplace my toys. I expect them to be in my designated space, when  even if I'm not using them at the time, I still know where they can be found. This is irrational behaviour, but I guess it's just the way I have constructed my personal ' bubble ' over the years, allowing meaningless routines to become part and parcel of my daily life. I mention all this because we have come to the season of Easter; a time of rebirth and renewal, when we, like the clocks move forward and begin planning for the Summer ahead. It is an occasion when we need to take stock and  reaffirm the important and eternal values, that really matter in ours lives. Reaching out to our families and friends and comforting them when necessary and at the same time receiving comfort from them, even if it's merely their presence. Checking health issues and seeking to im

Racing Reflections: Flying Eiderdown.

And so the stands emptied; the horses went back to their stables; the punters went to spend their winnings and the losers still drank to consider what might have been. In essence the National Hunt festival was over for 2016. What, as a mere televiewer, were my highlights of the four days? 1  Seeing jockey Ruby Walsh, riding in his pomp. With seven winners in the bag, Ruby rode immaculately. Horses, like people go better when a confident approach is used. No one presents his mounts to fences better than Ruby. He can see a stride and instils  a calm demeanour from his horse. He only pushes out his horse when he needs to  in a close finish. He is always modest in victory, making a point of praising the trainer and stable staff. In defeat he is gracious towards the victor. He has now accumulated 50 + winners over the years at the festival. An achievement that may never be matched. Long may he continue. 2  The quality of the Irish trained horses, with thirteen winners. They

The Waiting Room: Ledbury Pics: Racing 2016

The Waiting Room All  human emotion spills into The Waiting room.  We greet, chat,hug and reminisce  In the Waiting room.   While some just look  or watch In the Waiting room. Pondering the slow advance of time In the Waiting room. Other people arrive for the next service  In the Waiting room. We file out leaving empty spaces In the Waiting room. They will rapidly fill again In the Waiting room. Perhaps our lives take place In Waiting rooms. Getting ready for the occasion,  When it comes to our turn, not to Enter Into  the Waiting room. Ck. 12 / 03 /'16. ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZ Last Thursday D and d and I visited the market town of Ledbury just inside the county boundary of Herefordshire. It is always an interesting place with some original shops. One such was " Tinsmiths."  It is situated a the end of a narrow alley. I particularly liked the odd shape of the shop itself; whi

Horse Sense: Catching-Up.

Well I have been busy, but now it is time to hit the keyboards once again. With the onset of the Cheltenham National Hunt Festival, in less than two weeks, let's start with a binary horse tongue twister. Try saying this one out loud! "One one” was a race horse, “Two two” was one too. “One one” won one race, “Two two” won one too. Pretty good eh! HhhhhhhhhhhhhhhH Friday 12th February was a sunny day, but with the recent rains, the floods were still about.  Here are two images from Lower Apperley, near Tewkesbury. As you can see the road was covered over with flood water. HhhhhhhhhhhhhH On Sunday 21st of February we visited the market town of Saffron Walden in Essex. Saffron It is a charming medieval market town, with many buildings of note. It had a timeless feel about it and pleasingly seemed immune from Sunday trading. It boasted one of the best known parish churches in Essex, St. Ma