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An Inside Story: The Sea And Shrubs.

Inside Story There is no light Warm in this cosy nest  Dimly aware of Gurgling sounds in my ear Stretching my limbs I detect a changing pulse Soon I will leave this Watery cave. Suddenly release; A sensation overdose Dazzled by lights Lifted up and touched  By affection. I cry for a joyful force  Within me. Twenty eight days Have left September.  Nine hundred and Fifty one years ago King William landed and  Laid claim to Albion This day I have landed On the loving shores Of  mother and so I lay claim  to my n ew life. Full of wonders; from Crawl to Tall from Boy to Man and from Loved to Loving. For E.S.C. ( 28th September 2017 ). Inspired by " Embryo, " by Pink Floyd.. Embryo Listen  to this track, by clicking on the link. 👶👶👶👶👶 D. and I had a couple of days (4 / 5 ) October at Lyme Regis. As usual the weather didn't let us down. The sun was bright and the sea was calm and