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One of those Days: Above Ashleworth with Gurney

Out to the car, about to flee, slipped on drive, grazed my knee.
Destination not remote, just a few miles to the 'Boat'
Inn; where getting book to view the task, opened pack to smash the flask.

Coffee gone, survived the fall; saw this picture on Tithe Barn wall.

Followed the walk past  Manor and sheds; climbing stiles to view Barrow Hill ahead.
Keeping momentum, not to stop, nearing Barrow Hill Top.

Such a view all smiles, no frowns;  read the words Gurney put down.

"O does some blind fool now stand on my hill To see how Ashleworth nestles by the river? Where eyes and heart and soul may drink their fill.
The Cotswolds stand out eastward as if never A curve of them the hand of Time might change; Beauty sleeps most confidently for ever. "
From ' Above Ashleworth '

Mislaid my stick whilst viewing  scene; it didn't help that it was green.
Walking back down the slope, to find my way home was the hope.
Managed to walk back  wrong way; but a Severn- side cider saved t…

A trip to 'The Weir' ? Wye not.

Being a member of the National Trust, means returning to sites, to view the changes and generally to jog the memory.
Last week ( 14/09 ) I returned to the 'Weir Garden, ' five miles west of Hereford. It was a place I'd promised myself I should visit again, not having been there for many years.
The 'Weir Garden ' is situated on the A438 road which goes to Brecon. It is an unusual garden which gently ascends to overlook the curvaceous River Wye.

The above picture illustrates this well.

It is, it must be said,  a spring garden; although there is always something to see whatever  the time of year.
Because of the steep nature of the bank and now, I suppose, because of health and safety, much of the vegetation has overgrown on the layered sides, and it is the river views which excel.

However in spite of the swirling currents, this time it was difficult to discern the actual weir.

Here is the best 'Garden ' view I saw.

There was one new feature, that I hadn't …

Blackberries: watching the Robins

I really must go on more adventures. Another quiet week.
Have been following Mr Walliams on his mammoth swim up the Thames. The lad is doing well.  As I write he was at Chertsey Lock, two hours ago and has covered over 100 miles Wow!

I tweeted him that, by now, "he must be getting into the swim of things."  Well Done Sir: The English   Spirit is alive and well.

Did, however, get out on a short walk, up a steep ascent  to check out the blackberries.

As you can see, they are coming in abundance and I reckon in a couple of weeks, they will be in full glory.

Yesterday (10/9) went to watch the "Robins ' or Cheltenham Town AFC. They were playing Macclesfield.

Not a great game to watch, but we won by two goals to nil and got three valuable points.

This is the moment, in the first half, when Goulding  took the penalty kick (39 min.), to give us a one goal advantage. Enlarge the picture to see more detail.

Although, as our manager Yates admitted, it was a ' poor display,…

Watery Visions.

Just a short post today for you; mostly connected with water.
Here is a video of a Tall Ship entering Gloucester Dock.

Friday the 2nd of September, was a perfect late summer's day. The cloudless sky, allowed the sunshine to come through to a still day with hardly a wisp of air.
So it was, that I came to Buscot Village, near Lechlade to the banks of the infant Thames.

The picture above lends clarity to the brightness of the occasion.

I walked the bank from Buscot Weir to St.  John's Lock, where, if you remember Old Father Thames resides.

My final picture, on this lovely day shows  a cruiser entering the  lock.

You remember in a recent posting; ( More Flowing Moments  14/04/'11 ) I describe the first trickle of the Isis, near Kemble  and its  subsequent journey  to become the  Thames at Lechlade.
It is not surprising then,  that Lechlade is the start point tomorrow (5/9/'11) at 08:30 hours for David Walliams eight day swim along the 140 mile length of the Thames to Londo…