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Celtic Summer: Ham House: Nowhere To Hide:At Edge Of Day.

With the Midsummer passing by, I found this ancient verse on the pleasures of this  season. " Summer has come, healthy and free, Whence the brown wood is bent to the ground. The slender nimble deer leap, and the path of seals is smooth. The sun smiles over every land- A parting for me from the brood of cares; Hounds bark. stags tryst, Ravens flourish, summer has come! " Anon  10th Century. C cccccccccccccccccccccccS On Thursday 19th June D. and I revisited  Ham House, a National Trust property near Richmond, Surrey. Once again, we were struck by the ornate nature of the walled topiary garden. There is, to my eyes something comforting about an ordered patch and flowers are always easy on the eye. Finally this little label made me smile. C cccccccccccccccccccccccS Last Wednesday ( 25 /6 ) D. and I made our way once more to the nearby wetlands at Coombe Hill. The last time we were there, due

Berrington Costumes: Word Play:Capital News

As I mentioned last week, D.and I visited Berrington Hall, a National Trust property. We became interested in a costume exhibition from the 2008 film,  " The Duchess ." Here are a few examples for you: They were really shown to their best inside the Georgian rooms of the Hall. I was particularly drawn to this display of Gentlemens' Waistcoats. The last photographs show the evolution of the white dress. Costumes in context. An excellent idea. CcccccccccccccccccccC Sometimes: A word rubs shoulder with another And so makes more letter friends until a phrase is formed Will it  be useful ? Can I comma-deer  And sentence it? Perhaps, if I am lucky it will Spawn and extend into Rhyme and reason. Sometimes This happens; Sometimes. Ck 22 / 06 / '14. CcccccccccccccccccccC Last Wednesday ( 18 / 06 ), I went to the O2 Arena in North Greenwich, London , with L. and A. to see

A Dark Horse: Hidcote, Not So Rosy:Berrington House (1): Foodie Festival.

With Royal Ascot next week, here is another well-known phrase for you: A Dark Horse Not the main favored candidate. Someone somewhat unknown who exceeds expectations of all others in an event. This saying is said to go back to the Victorian politician Benjamin Disraeli who, apart from finding time to regularly become Prime Minister, also found time to write a novel called "The Young Duke". In the book there is a description of a horse race in which the two favourites cannot make the running. In the meanwhile "a dark horse...rushed past the grandstand in a sweeping triumph". Georgia Tech was a dark horse in the 2004 NCA basketball tournament. DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDhhhhhhhh The changing faces of Hidcote Manor Garden; which D. and I visited last Tuesday ( 10 / 6 ). The  pictures clockwise from the top date 07; 05 ; 07 and present day. The brightness and vibrancy of yesteryear  has  given way to a more muted approach. It is now wears a pa

The Malvern Experience:Musical Diferences: The Magic Band

Last Saturday ((31 / 5 ) My Friend D. and I went to the Festival Theatre at Malvern, to see a concert given by The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. It primarily featured two works by Sir Edward Elgar; namely " Cockcaigne ( In London Town )" and  the  Second Symphony. Amazingly although,  having the cheapest tickets, we sat level with musicians in the second row. It was wonderful to be so close to the music. I love the way Elgar makes use of the entire orchestra tin his scores.  Everybody has a turn and it was noticeable how hardworking the woodwinds were during the four movements of the symphony. Sir Edward always loved the Malvern Hills and drew much of his musical inspiration  as he walked the slopes. So it was, following the concert.  on the Sunday ( 1 / 6 ) D. and I re-acquainted ourselves with the Hills. Here are some photographic results: Note the bank of Fox Gloves growing in profusion . The day was warm and clear and it was a green a