Berrington Costumes: Word Play:Capital News

As I mentioned last week, D.and I visited Berrington Hall, a National Trust property. We became interested in a costume exhibition from the 2008 film,  " The Duchess ."

Here are a few examples for you:

They were really shown to their best inside the Georgian rooms of the Hall.

I was particularly drawn to this display of Gentlemens' Waistcoats.

The last photographs show the evolution of the white dress.

Costumes in context. An excellent idea.


A word rubs shoulder with another
And so makes more letter friends
until a phrase is formed
Will it  be useful ?
Can I comma-deer 
And sentence it?

Perhaps, if I am lucky it will
Spawn and extend into
Rhyme and reason.
This happens;

Ck 22 / 06 / '14.


Last Wednesday ( 18 / 06 ), I went to the O2 Arena in North Greenwich, London , with L. and A. to see 'The Eagles '  featuring the legendary rock guitarist " Joe Walsh. "

We sat high above the stage and thus had an ' Eagles' view ' of the proceedings.

Our view was considerably improved by large screens and an impressive  back-lit staging  which  changed according to the set list bringing  pictures and videos when required.

All was further complemented by an excellent sound system and a lighting array  which helped convey the moods of the music.

The actual concert started in a garden-rock format. Each tune was presented with flawless vocal harmonies; impeccable solos; leading to  an easy listening experience; which  only occasionally toyed with the emotions; but was hard not to find favour with. In short the Eagles seldom performed outside the box.

All this was to change in the second period: step forward Mr. Joe Walsh.

From the moment he struck the chords to his song " Life's Been Good To Me " the band began to come down from their perches, take flight and eventually soar skywards ; released from the hum-drum of ' going through the motions ' and able to improvise in  extended versions of their material.

You can't  keep a rock guitarist chained  in his cage and Joe Walsh was very much in free- flight.

Hearing one of my favourite guitarists live was a real blast and when he concluded with one of my favourites " Rocky Mountain Way", that was awesome. Thanks to all  concerned for  making  this possible.
Another evening consigned to my musical memory.


Well 'Uncle Roy' and the boys unluckily read the script wrong and will soon be back from the beaches. Meanwhile Mr. Murray begins his defence of the  Wimbledon  crown. I wish him well and hope he feels able to support the Scottish call for Independence. His country needs his declaration.

With strawberries and cream, have a fruitful week ahead.
Cheerio for now,


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