From the Hide to Apperley

Just to make sure you saw some wild fowl; above is a little video taken yesterday (20/10) at Abbey Mill, Tewkesbury.
Returning now to our 3Pub Walk:
Retrace your steps from the hide to the meadow. As I mentioned in my previous post, normally there is plenty of geese, ducks, birds etc. to view.

 The above picture taken at an earlier occasion gives a better idea of what you would expect to see walking away from the hide. Enlarging this picture, will help  to demonstrate the activity in the  pond.

As you walk away down the meadow keep to the path with a ditch to your left.

The path curves away  to the right until it reaches a gate into another field.

This leads you out of the wetlands; and after crossing into the field, your path takes you left and follows the line of the hedge.

After 100 metres you will reach this fence.
There is a stile in the far left on your path; but sometimes  to the right of this picture a gate is left open which also allows access to the next field.
In summertime the grass will be long and therefore as a marker , it is useful to make your way to the following tree.

Once near this tree, make your way diagonally right, until you reach a clearly defined track following the right hand edge of the field.
You will see a large compost heap at the far end of this field; another good marker.

Follow this track out of the field and turn right again in the next passing through an open gate.
Again follow the right hand track round the edge of this field as it gently curves to the left.
In a while you will see mobile homes on your left.

You are now close to our next pub, on our trail, " The Farmer's Arms. "
Passing the homes, you will see a little stile, which conveniently leads one to the pub garden.

You are now at The Farmer's Arms, a Wadwortth public house, which serves excellent tucker, cooked on the premises, with the food  sourced locally.


To continue the walk, cross the pub yard, meeting the main road (B4123).
Cross the road with care and turn left, walking  along the road for 50 metres, until you see a public footpath sign. This will lead you over a stile and up  a track through an apple orchard.

The next stile is in the top right-hand of the field.

If you look with care at this photograph, you can see the next stile diagonally from you, near the white farm building.
It is only a few metres between these two, but the ground can be rough and you should be mindful of the stinging nettles.

Crossing this far stile, brings into a large grassy field, sometimes populated with cattle. You should take time to turn and face the way you have come from. By doing this you will be rewarded with a grand panorama of Cotswold hills. When satisfied with the view turn again and walk down the middle of this field until you see the next stile ahead, which allows you access to a further field.
Crossing into this further field, keeping in the middle again, make your way to yet another stile which allows you into a private fenced off garden, through which you walk in a diagonal direction.

This will take you to a narrow path, by the side of the bungalow, which in a few metres leads you to a road. Here you turn right  towards  the village of Apperley.

Next posting, the final leg of the 3pub walk: from Apperley to the Severn.



  1. Like the new video inclusions, although they can be a little erratic if you don't have the super hi-way running past your door.
    Keep at it.


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