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Early signs

Today is St. Andrew's Day. It is the last day of November. For us in the south west of England, this is very early for the extreme low temperatures we are now experiencing. Today brought the first flurries of snow to Cheltenham. At this time in Cancun,  Mexico, there is meeting of world leaders  to discuss and try and ratify global emission cuts. Many countries have backed away from earlier pledges; in a  waiting game to see what the developing nations, such as India are going to do. Meantime emissions continue to rise world wide. I have been; who believe that a 'safe' limit for emissions is 350 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are currently at 388 ; so you see it is a reachable goal. read more specs and scientific facts at : A Native American proverb reads: " We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."   Keep warm where ever you are. Ck.

Dark Smile

I found this poem from the Late Mervyn Peake and judged it worthy of your attention. " With people, so with trees: when there are groups of either, men or trees, some will remain aloof while others cluster where one stoops to breathe some dusky secret. Some complain And some gesticulate and some are blind; some toss their heads above green towns: some freeze for lack of love in corpses of mankind; some laugh; some mourn; with people, so with trees." Taken from " A World Away- A Memoir of Mervyn Peake " by Maeve Gilmore. (1971) Ck.

Market Forces

Cold wind. Damp rises from  the  Lock. No place today  to sell tee shirts. Walk down street and  see a  new breed of  gargoyle. Hanging down  above shops leather  clad  ladies and trainers. Gothic rules and holds  sway It's subterranean  wholesale blues wrapped in foil trays with orient savouries from  the east end. We are in  Camden after all. Meanwhile in Cheltenham, it's time for the German Market. Here is a little video for you to show more of the market. Ck.

A Cotswold Cricket Ground

The Cricket Ground (Summer 2001 ) Amusing it was to muse on this improbable landscape, climbing up from the village on road, then track to greet this hallowed square perched like a beached keel on this high vista overlooking life below. The silence seemed loud and intense; the air crackled with the charged feeling of expectancy, waiting for the game to commence. Red Admiral fielders patrolled the outfield, seeking sip-juice catches from the boundary lavender bushes. All was still, contained in nervous anticipation. " Yer, this be a proper place for cricket ;" whispered a becalmed breeze. And indeed it is. (Autumn 2010.) In another season.  Revisiting this timeless location. To feast on the crisp silent air,  in Frank Mansell's seat, wafting creosote from the noble pavilion, drinking its fill, thirsty, but content with slumbering watch. Whilst; Above me hawks swoop down, in homage to the square, and I in layered warmth, await the first cold innings of

Tree-ology: Final glories

"As we need spaces between the notes to hear the music: so we need  the space  from  the trees to observe their growth and patterns." An adaptation of Zen thought on trees. But enough of that: the following pictures were taken at Batsford Arboretum  today: Enjoy. Ck.

About Colour

Leaves in all their colours in Imperial Gardens, Cheltenham. Cherry Gold In summer, blood red berries, adored by avian hordes,  and pastry lovers. Now in golden glory, resplendent under azure skies. Sleep well in winter climes and blossom you may in Spring. October Coda: It might interest you to know that last month, had 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays. A rare event; apparently not seen for over 800 hundred years. Video Bar: Now has; four perfomances by : Captain Beefheart, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Gary Lucas ,  Manic Street Preachers, Mogwai, Sun Kil Moon, and Yes, for your delectation. Also new gadget, giving brief summaries of last five postings. Ciao4now Ck.