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Football Special.

Although I said that I would rest this week, with the football season drawing to a close, I thought I should place all my Cheltenham football tweets before you. Here they are: Cheltenham Expects. Football Manager is a computer game. By locking in all the relevant statistics, the game has produced forecasts  for the final season results. Here is the Premier League Forecast. Top 1       Liverpool 2       Manchester  City 3       Chelsea Relegated Norwich Cardiff Fulham FfffffffffffffffffffffffffffB We shall see.   The week ahead looks to be sun and showers. Keep dry. Cheerio, Ck.

Banksey Comes To Town: Spring Scenes: A Good Friday.

Daughter L. emailed us with an extract from the BBC News, stating that on  Sunday night ( 13 / 4 ) a piece of 'Street Art '  appeared on a corner of a street in Cheltenham. It looked like the work of underground artist " Banksey. "  It showed three  men in gaberdine coats and dark glases, watching the world go by. Clearly it was thought it was  Banksey's view of the 'Thought Police' from nearby GCHQ. GCHQ by Banksey? Naturally D. and I were curious and went there  on Tuesday. As we neared the spot we saw the crowd gathering. People saw the 'phone box and used it  to create  'living art ' photos. Naturally I joined in the fun. What an excellent wheeze . BbbbbbbbbbbbY We have been blessed by some wonderful  Spring-like weather. Here are a few snaps we took on our journeys. Blooms from Cheltenham's Imperial Gardens. Amazing clarity of view from Cleeve  Hill.

Wincanton Races: Admirals's Advice:Spring Walks: No-Ah!

Wincanton. I visited the above Racecourse in 1997on a coach trip. The racecourse lies deep in Somerset away from - well anywhere. It officially  is 37 miles south of Bristol and 38 miles north of Bournmouth- quite!  It is not far from A303 which runs past Stonehenge; so maybe it is on a ley-line and materialises  on race days. Be that as it may it is certainly friendly enough. The racecourse runs clock-wise; or as they say in racing parlance right-handed.  The finish is uphill with a short run-in after the last fence/hurdle. That's about all I can remember owing to the generosity  of the sponsoring brewery Hall and Woodhouse of Blandford St.Mary ( since 1777 ) and  more particularly Badger Beers. Here's the picture. We arrive early and find the Badger is selling at a pound a pint, So what does one do? Fill your boots of course. However out of this haze, I did manage to pick the winner of the Badger Chase, " Lively Night '' ( a tad prophetic?) at the price o

Grass Ruins: Admiral's Advice: Newark Revisited: Bosch Bosch!

Ruined Scarps Climbing up steps to greet, top slopes in  clear air. No cries of pain or shouts gutturally expressing  the need for action;  merely the possibility  of a serenade,  by whizzing golf balls. Here  I stand on Kimsbury Hill Fort. Where barbarism is wholly civilised. HhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhF @CTFCOfficial  Cheltenham Expects --                                                                 Getting                                                                Often in penalty                                                                 Areas allows                                                                Lots of                                                                Scoring opportunities. Score GOALS Robins. COYR HhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhF Last Friday (4 / 4 ) D. and I visited the National Trust  property Newark Park, near Dursley in  Gloucestershire.In 1550, in the reign of Hen