Banksey Comes To Town: Spring Scenes: A Good Friday.

Daughter L. emailed us with an extract from the BBC News, stating that on  Sunday night ( 13 / 4 ) a piece of 'Street Art '  appeared on a corner of a street in Cheltenham. It looked like the work of underground artist "Banksey. " It showed three  men in gaberdine coats and dark glases, watching the world go by. Clearly it was thought it was  Banksey's view of the 'Thought Police' from nearby GCHQ.

GCHQ by Banksey?

Naturally D. and I were curious and went there  on Tuesday.
As we neared the spot we saw the crowd gathering.

People saw the 'phone box and used it  to create  'living art ' photos.

Naturally I joined in the fun.

What an excellent wheeze .


We have been blessed by some wonderful  Spring-like weather. Here are a few snaps we took on our journeys.

Blooms from Cheltenham's Imperial Gardens.

Amazing clarity of view from Cleeve  Hill.

The splendour of early blue-bells in North Nibley Woods.


Rising Ground

The Journey of life
Many obstacles
And course corrections.

Buffeted by wind
Worn down by the Season's
Battered by emotions
And cold conceit.

But always underpinned
By unswerving love
In the quest for higher
Ground in the shadow of 
The Cross.

Ck. Good Friday (18 / 04 / '14 )


Happy Easter to you All!
Read me again in a couple of weeks.


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