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" To be a Rock and not to Roll "

And so nearly  ends ....... ?   ( okay , it's ' Stairway to Heaven '  by Led Zeppelin - but you knew that didn't you ?) . The picture was taken outside Gloucester Cathedral on Boxing or St. Stephen's Day.
It depicts the newly created 'Green Man'  Rob Ruadh Seamus MhacGregor , the Squire of the Gloucester City Mummers for twenty years , who died in January 2005 A.D.
He was also Patron of the Gloucester Folk Club , a fervent collector of songs , inspired raconteur , and passionate campaigner against racism and apartheid. He was held in great affection by many in the Folk World.
After the Morris Dancers and the Annual Mummers Play performance , there was a very short dedication of the new stone work by the Dean of Gloucester , who urged people  "to throw money at the stone". Rob would have appreciated that gesture !

N.P. "Stairway To Heaven"  from ' The Song Remains The Same ' Ck.  PS. Who knew that Robert Plant was getting a gong in the n…

Christmas Spirit

Christmas  every  year
Announces   the
Nativity        and
Divine      Life          Emerging from the Crib.

A Very Merry Christmas To   You   All.

Read me in 2009 A.D. Ck.

On The Edge

We're on the edge of Christmas.One week to fulfill all the presents , get the cards posted and delivered. Ensure the supply of food and drink and look forward to the strength of family and friends around you.
 I hope you all see it as an Advent- ure to be enjoyed. Ciao4now Ck.

Upon reflection

One of the great mysteries of lenses is that you never know the result until you view the picture.I was intrigued by the name of this narrow boat and used a camera 'phone  to take a shot. When I checked it on my Mac I was amazed by the reflection of  the Abbey Mill .  A real picture bonus.
ciao4now Ck.

I Remember a day when ........

I remember a day when shoes were black and brown , lace-ups and slip-on  ( a bit risque ).For sport there were plimsolls ( daps to us ) , white and black  and of course   walking boots for the oldsters or those in the forces. For the truly decadent , there was  always suede , which you brushed ( gasp ! ) rather than polished. Inside your house , in private ,  slippers were allowed and  for the great wet outdoors , there were always wellington boots , black naturally .
 Best of all  , none of these products had a company logo plastered over them ; yes those were the days , my friend.
N.R.  " American Gods " by Neil Gaiman ; a strangely quirky story of a road trip through America.

Market Forces

This is a picture of the market  at Moreton - in- Marsh in Gloucestershire.

Moreton - in -  Marsh was first granted a market charter in 1227 and later granted again by King Charles 1 in 1638. It is almost certainly Gloucestershire's oldest town market. It is held  every Tuesday in the wide main street, which , incidentally was on the route of the old London to Worcester coaching route. The name "Moreton" , means a Moorland settlement , probably near a " henmarsh " where wild birds were to be found. It is interesting to note that Moreton saw the floods during last year's county event.
Last Tuesday , (2/12)  when this picture was taken it was bright and cold; so much so that I took shelter from time to time in the local shops to get some warmth and relief from the raw air. Ck.