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" To be a Rock and not to Roll "

And so nearly  ends ....... ?   ( okay , it's ' Stairway to Heaven '  by Led Zeppelin - but you knew that didn't you ?) . The picture was taken outside Gloucester Cathedral on Boxing or St. Stephen's Day. It depicts the newly created 'Green Man'  Rob Ruadh Seamus MhacGregor , the Squire of the Gloucester City Mummers for twenty years , who died in January 2005 A.D. He was also Patron of the Gloucester Folk Club , a fervent collector of songs , inspired raconteur , and passionate campaigner against racism and apartheid. He was held in great affection by many in the Folk World. After the Morris Dancers and the Annual Mummers Play performance , there was a very short dedication of the new stone work by the Dean of Gloucester , who urged people  "to throw money at the stone". Rob would have appreciated that gesture ! N.P. "Stairway To Heaven"  from ' The Song Remains The Same ' Ck.  PS. Who knew that Robert Plant was getting a g

Christmas Spirit

  C hristmas  every  year A nnounces   the N ativity        and D ivine                           L ife                              E merging from the Crib. A Very Merry Christmas To   You   All. Read me in 2009 A.D. Ck.

On The Edge

We're on the edge of Christmas. One week to fulfill all the presents , get the cards posted and delivered. Ensure the supply of food and drink and look forward to the strength of family and friends around you.  I hope you all see it as an Advent- ure to be enjoyed. Ciao4now Ck.

Upon reflection

One of the great mysteries of lenses is that you never know the result until you view the picture. I was intrigued by the name of this narrow boat and used a camera 'phone  to take a shot. When I checked it on my Mac I was amazed by the reflection of  the Abbey Mill .  A real picture bonus. ciao4now Ck.

I Remember a day when ........

 I remember a day when shoes were black and brown , lace-ups and slip-on  ( a bit risque ). For sport there were plimsolls ( daps to us ) , white and black  and of course   walking boots for the oldsters or those in the forces. For the truly decadent , there was  always suede , which you brushed ( gasp ! ) rather than polished. Inside your house , in private ,  slippers were allowed and  for the great wet outdoors , there were always wellington boots , black naturally .  Best of all  , none of these products had a company logo plastered over them ; yes those were the days , my friend. N.R.  " American Gods " by Neil Gaiman ; a strangely quirky story of a road trip through America.

Market Forces

This is a picture of the market  at Moreton - in- Marsh in Gloucestershire. Moreton - in -  Marsh was first granted a market charter in 1227 and later granted again by King Charles 1 in 1638. It is almost certainly Gloucestershire's oldest town market. It is held  every Tuesday in the wide main street, which , incidentally was on the route of the old London to Worcester coaching route. The name "Moreton" , means a Moorland settlement , probably near a " henmarsh " where wild birds were to be found. It is interesting to note that Moreton saw the floods during last year's county event. Last Tuesday , (2/12)  when this picture was taken it was bright and cold; so much so that I took shelter from time to time in the local shops to get some warmth and relief from the raw air. Ck.