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October Memories

It says:  " Wildernss  Walk  -  It is a pleasant retreat- at all times agreeable- but in the glare at noon-day in the heat of the summer, it must be peculiarly refreshing  and delightful."                                                    Hertus Coomensis,  1524 The above name, if I have spelt it correctly has even defeated Google. It comes from Coombe Park, the place we visited last week in the blog. Words, written, spoken, read and listened to,  have been one of the most important driving forces in my life. I love the fact that these written texts are placed for people to read upon their walks. it seems a natural thing to do and greatly adds to the experience. I remember years ago walking  The Cotswold Way,  near Dursley being delighted and engaged with the mini poems ( postcard size) of Tom Clarke which were lovingly spread throughout the wood. Once again the word lives on. Here is my blog posting. Tom's Wood secret. Many words have been written

Landscapes( 0f the mind): Croome views.

Landscapes Behind closed eyes I see sloping upwards, a forest of pine spreading out before me. encased in silence in the landscapes of my mind. Colours in primary hue flash past. Unconscious of my movement I speed unbidden through the trees to gain the higher ground and halting  overlook the landscapes of my mind It darkens. The Earth spins revealing thousands of eyes twinkling down. Leaning forward, I  fall  down meeting  Stygian shadows with silhouettes of leaves and vegetation Invading my peripheral vision  until I land softly upon terra firma  within the landscapes of my mind. Where are the life sources? No sounds penetrate the air until like a lily pad opening I become aware of voices which sing in the wind and surround me unseen with sweet harmonies. Pleasant thoughts content me within  The landscapes of my mind. Ck 22/10/'16 Words need stimulus to take root in the mind. In the