October Memories

It says:  "Wildernss Walk  - It is a pleasant retreat- at all times agreeable- but in the glare at noon-day in the heat of the summer, it must be peculiarly refreshing  and delightful."

                                                   Hertus Coomensis,  1524

The above name, if I have spelt it correctly has even defeated Google.

It comes from Coombe Park, the place we visited last week in the blog.

Words, written, spoken, read and listened to,  have been one of the most important driving forces in my life. I love the fact that these written texts are placed for people to read upon their walks. it seems a natural thing to do and greatly adds to the experience. I remember years ago walking  The Cotswold Way, near Dursley being delighted and engaged with the mini poems ( postcard size) of Tom Clarke which were lovingly spread throughout the wood. Once again the word lives on. Here is my blog posting.

Tom's Wood secret.

Many words have been written about Autumn. This year with still winds and and little rain the leaf colours have been outstanding.
My little picture of Autumn  above is of D.s remarkable vines; which having spread at a remarkable rate yielded a crop of sweet berries and now displays its Autumn finery. This shot was taken at night under artificial light, which I think gives it extra presence.


Last Friday ( 28/ 10 /'16) D. and I visited once again Chastleton House a lovely Jacobean house and garden situated near Stow-on -the- Wold, in Gloucestershire.


It lies in twenty four acres of peaceful countryside. It seems to convey a sense of tranquillity and serenity; where time passing is a slow-moving event,

The house itself has kept a patina of age with dusty walls and worn floors. No great personage has lived there, but I was pleased to hear that it was once upon a time the home of creative people, poets, artists and inventors. One could imagine the debates and conversations overlaid with drinking and merry- making. A happy house indeed.

One should also mention the nearby church of St. Mary, wholly kept by parishioners since the twelfth century. D. and I helped the funds along by enjoying tea, cake and sandwiches there. We literally 'took a pew' and sat down to eat the fare.

I chose to take these two shots of the above building ( a dovecot perhaps?) which lies in the grounds prior to the entrance of church and house.
 I think it communicates a sense of timeless charm immune to the vagaries  of worldly trends, helping us  to remain grounded and reassured about life.


Returning home from Chastleton, we took a brief detour to the nearby Daylesford Farm Shop, at Bamford Barn Kingham.
This remarkable venture has become the ' playground of the great and the good .' Starting off as an organic farm shop, it has morphed  to include  a restaurant ( lovingly named "The Trough " ), Spa, health and beauty shop, fashions and gifts and a cooking school. 
All decor is of non-threatening neutral pastel shades and it tries to exude an air of a superior life style.
it has been the brain-child of Lady Carole Bamford, husband to Lord John, whose firm  makes J.C.B. diggers and construction vehicles; proving the old adage 'where there's muck there's money. '

The prices here at Daylesford are at the top end of expensive, I escaped with the 2016 Christmas Brochure, which is lavishly illustrated, with prices for items quietly placed at the bottom of the pages.

Here are three examples: Large Teddy Bear £225 ( can be monogramed with hand- sown initials and birth date); Cashmere Socks £85 a pair and Wash Bags in perforated or straw grain leather £395. I think you get the picture.

Set in it's own grounds, complete with overflow car parking , it deserves a visit if you are passing.



Well, as I type this the clocks have gone backwards and the start of the Christmas season is upon us.

' Real' horse racing has started in earnest and the first of the Cheltenham National Hunt festivals 'The Open' beckons  in a couple of weeks time. The football teams have completed a quarter of their fixtures and the test match series in India, starts  next month.  

All is therefore before us. Much to enjoy indeed.

Wifi for now,


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