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Breakfast: Admiral's Advice: Springheeled:Wet Soles

Break-Fast When I  break-fast, I crave solitary contemplation. To reflect on times gone by  and ponder  on this  day before me. Alone with porridge, milk and fruit all is quiet. Slowly I hear  the sound of the house waking up, voices, footsteps and the passage of doors creaking their morning welcome. How blessed to feel healthy, happy loved and loving. Good:Day everyone. Ck 21 /02 / '14. BbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbF @CTFCOfficial  Cheltenham Expects--- The stage is the pitch: The MC the Ref. Will you entertain? Not a tragedy of farce, but action with a good ending. COYR BbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbF Last Tuesday ( 18 / 2 )  D. and I visited Cirencester and in particular the Abbey Grounds, in the centre of town.  Cirencester, like many cotswold towns has had its share of flooding problems; but it would rather be distasteful of me to dwell on this subject. rather we saw signs of early spring an

News Round-up: Admiral's Advice: Pub Talk

When Andy Murray won the  Men's Final at Wimbledon last year, the dam burst and Britain began winning at sports, that previously we had little or no success in. Thus it was that yesterday ( 14 / 2 )  Lizzy Yarnold from Kent won gold for the Skeleton at the Winter Olympics At Sochi in Russia. This sport, consists of flinging yourself face down upon a small board and then hurtling downwards on a ice track and in so doing,  picking up speeds of up to 80mph. Not for the faint-hearted. I was interested to learn that some of her formative training was achieved  on a dry slope in the 'ski resort ' of Bath. There is no doubt that the training and coaching of such sports has progressed on an upward curve. As with cycling, we are, as a nation getting a reputation for world class sports scientists. Football  News. Both my teams; Newcastle United and Cheltenham Town, are experiencing a fallow period. Newcastle has lost the last three games and in doing so, let in 10 goals. Th

Admiral's Advice: The Banana Edition

@CTFCofficial Cheltenham expects---- To upskill you must all practice attack and defence modes and include trick shots like banana kicks COYR BaaaaaaaaaaaaaB I've never known where inspiration comes from; but when it appears, it certainly becomes a driving force. So it was, that one breakfast time; eating my porridge , I started playing with my camera phone, considering how I could transmit a photo from phone to computer. I looked for a shot and saw the fruit bowl in front of me, resulting in the above picture. That got me musing about bananas. I thought about how they grow, in faraway warm climes;  how they aged quickly, when indoors; and how their real goodness lay under their skins. By now, I was warming to the task and wondered if I could make any comparisons with the human race. So it was that on last week's blog I published my poem "Bananas." Regarding this, here are some explanations: The last line " My musa frie

Bananas: Admiral's Advice: Bird Words: Pub Talk.

Bananas. Hanging hand-like. flaccid, awaiting the arousal of warm, steamy sun. In my mind I hear the susurration of gentle surf, as plants fringe the tropical shore-line. I prefer this to the regimental plantation rows where tied up in  ball sacks they await  supermarket  processing,  leading to  the  ethylene  gas chamber. when they reach our fruit bowls bananas  age quickly. From the hardness of  green youth to  yellow middle age. A softening process,  allowing  diseased spots to usher in the black mush of old age. Like us,  to discover our true substance, we must look beneath  skins to discover our true quality. Were we all like bananas; seldom would we be   disappointed. Thank you, my musa  friends. Ck. 31/01 /'14 BbbbbbbbbbbbbbB @CTFCofficial Cheltenham expects.... you TAKE a corner; GAIN a free kick; GIVE AWAY a penalty. Think about it. COYR BbbbbbbbbbbbbbB