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Hanging hand-like.
awaiting the arousal
of warm, steamy sun.

In my mind I hear
the susurration
of gentle surf,
as plants fringe
the tropical shore-line.

I prefer this to the
regimental plantation rows
where tied up in  ball sacks
they await  supermarket 
processing, leading to
 the ethylene gas chamber.

when they reach our fruit bowls
bananas  age quickly.
From the hardness of 
green youth to 
yellow middle age.
A softening process,
 allowing diseased spots
to usher in the black mush of
old age.

Like us,  to discover
our true substance,
we must look beneath 
to discover our true
Were we all like bananas;
seldom would we be 
Thank you,
my musa  friends.

Ck. 31/01 /'14


@CTFCofficial Cheltenham expects.... you TAKE a corner; GAIN a free kick; GIVE AWAY a penalty. Think about it. COYR


With reference to my  poem of last week about a birds-eye view of life, here are some avian words from the Late Gloucestershire poet Ivor Gurney:

" O hear the sweep of sound pass the crest of the meadows!
   They sing like priests at amends.
   High up, low: as birds fly; voices ring.
   The silver
  Of the hallowed moon on them droop in
  Pleasure. "

" From The Dance of the September Birds. "


With January having above average  rainfall, causing a very high water-table, our walking has been severely restricted.
Thus a good excuse,  to stay dry and visit the local pubs.

The Spectre is situated upon the High Street Cheltenham, near the NatWest Bank.
Not ever been in there before, I was impressed by the interior, with its array of real ale taps and well designed seating allowing a measure of privacy for the seated customers.

I was welcomed by the barman and served a good pint of Wye Brewery's " Butty Bach. "
The price at a very reasonable £2:40 got my attention to.

All in all, there was a lot to like about this, well managed public house. Just the job for a lunchtime swallow.


I've been listening a lot recently to the new record "Croz " by David Crosby , of 70s group Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and before that The Byrds.
It's a gentle treat,  full of  trademark lilting harmonies, produced interestingly by his son James Raymond.
Here's a video explaining how the record was conceived:

Making of Croz


My team Newcastle has just lost today 0-3 to arch rivals Sunderland, making an aggregate home and away score of 1-5 oh dear; it must be February !

On February 9th Season 4 of the triumphantly brilliant series " A Game of Thrones " launches ( Season 3 Blu Ray/DVD expected ) and as House Lannister is wont to say " Winter is Coming "
Well is It?

Place your bets Now,

Keep warm and draught free.




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