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A Skitch in Time: Evesham: Rise of Robins

Shaven Crown Introducing "Skitch;" this  is a little program, which allows me to put graphics onto photos and  place simple drawings. I am in the process of learning what to do with it, but hopefully of use in the future. This series of photographs were taken at, or nearby The Shaven Crown  Hotel at Shipton- Under Wychwood, in Oxfordshire. The reason for their inclusion, was because many of my relatives are gathering there shortly for a family reunion and therefore as my family will be attending, D. and I wanted to check it out. It is a 700 year old property and not surprising showing signs of wear. I have to say, that upon our cursory examination, the reception area seemed devoid of staff and the outside toilets, shall we say, seemed in need of attention. We did not linger there long. ppPPPppPPPppPPP After visiting   The Crown,  we made our way to nearby Burford, a Cotswold Town with one main street, with many shops, indecently priced goods ( £275 for

Bark, Leaves & 'Bull City '

We went during last week to the Forest of Dean, or more particularly to ' The 'Cyril Hart Arboretum.' Here are some bark studies D.  made. And finally one by itself. Although always wonderful to look at,  I have to say that the leaves have, at least at this stage,  not reached the colour saturation of last year. As a case in point,  view this cherry tree. Quite a marked difference you will agree. But with the dappled light peeping through the leaves, there is still much to inspire  at this time. More from Cyril Hart: IiiIiIiiIiiiiiiIiiiiiiIiiIiiiiIii The initial plan was to visit   Credenhill, with woods and an Iron Age Fort in Herefordshire. However, due to unclear  route plans and the strange internal logic of Hereford City planning, we ended up parking in the city centre. Hereford, I'm afraid to say is not easy on the eye. The recession seems to have hit it badly; with the result o

Literary stuff and a few words.

Took these at the Cheltenham Literary Festival Today 13/10/'12. Thought I was doing well,  not spending; but foolishly visited the bookshop; where upon just as I was leaving I spotted a book  " Grimm's Household Tales "  illustrated by Mervyn Peake , and first published in 1946,( like me 66 years old.) As we  know I collect the Late Mr. Peake and so made the purchase. To remind you; here are some of Mervyn's wonderful drawings: Mervyn ^^66^^^^^66^^^^^^^ Last Wednesday (10/10/'12 ) D. and I went to Dursley  for our dental checkup. On the way there, we stopped at Coaley View-point and took these views It reminded me of this poem by F. W. Harvey. " I'm homesick for my hills again My hills again! To see above the Severn plain Unscabbarded against the sky The blue high blade of Cotswold lie; The giant clouds go royally By jagged Malvern with a train Of shadows. Where the land is low like a h

From Winchcombe: Looper review.

Last Tuesday D. and I went to see  " Looper "  At the cinema. Here is a Trailer: Looper The film stars Bruce Willis, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Emily Blunt. The plot-line involves Time- Travel from the future (+ 30 years ) to the present,  in order to dispose of people. I won't bore you with any more details; the trailer will provide some more clues. I have two points to make: 1 Why are visions of the future cityscape, so ugly, unattractive and dystopian in many films like this? 2   Why are no ladies shown over 40 years of age? If this is what the future holds; young men dropping drugs; in warrior mode and having casual relationships with girls; who appear to have no mind of their own; then I want no part of it. The film seems to fall  into two aspects namely: city views, like a dark forbidding "Batman " set and amongst the corn fields in Kansas, in the manner of a Stephen King story. The Kansas section is the best of the two and  features some g