Bark, Leaves & 'Bull City '

We went during last week to the Forest of Dean, or more particularly to ' The 'Cyril Hart Arboretum.'

Here are some bark studies D.  made.

And finally one by itself.

Although always wonderful to look at,  I have to say that the leaves have, at least at this stage,  not reached the colour saturation of last year.

As a case in point,  view this cherry tree.

Quite a marked difference you will agree.

But with the dappled light peeping through the leaves, there is still much to inspire  at this time.

More from Cyril Hart:


The initial plan was to visit  Credenhill, with woods and an Iron Age Fort in Herefordshire.
However, due to unclear  route plans and the strange internal logic of Hereford City planning, we ended up parking in the city centre.

Hereford, I'm afraid to say is not easy on the eye. The recession seems to have hit it badly; with the result of many closed shops, giving it a down market air.
For such a beautiful county this is a real shame and I hope trading conditions will improve in the near future.

But it does have a  Cathedral to delight the senses.

and even a  "pavement tree.'

and a little garden to escape the city heat.

The more one visits towns and city centres, the more one realises the importance of historic buildings; grounding the place in a tradition and of  public green spaces,  which grant rest and serenity to the people.


Last week in the blog, I mentioned hanging baskets in the market place of Dursley.
As a final visual image today, here  are hanging baskets draped over a bridge in Tewkesbury.

To my eyes, a very attractive addition.

Enjoy half-term and remember winter woolies rule.




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