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Collections: Tewkesbury Walk:

There is a need to collect, gain, accumulate,  build up Items things   Large or small, Which appear  ephemeral   To many, but to us are personal treasures Bringing a sense of ownership. a physical manifestation  of our personality.
With me it was recorded sounds, so Records and tapes  quickly filled  my living space

And now, tunes are stored  in virtual boxes  upon virtual shelves in my virtual library,  remaining in cyberspace

to be accessed  via a click or swipe Like these words  on my virtual blog.
C k 29/05/'16
The shots below were taken in Tewkesbury last Friday ( 27 / 05 / '16 ) at the back of the Avon looking over at the Severn Ham a preserved site of scientific interest. The meadowland looked verdant and flourishing.

Blossom before the field.

Flowers spotted by the canal side.

No shooting! Has Dodge City come to Tewkesbury?

The Ham in all its glory.


 My thought for the week comes  from Don Van Vliet ( AKA Capt…

Season's End: Collective Wisdom. Phone Box Art.

Robins celebrate eventually

Put this little video to show the Robins getting the Vanarama Trophy  after what can only be called a triumphant season.
 I like the piece in the video where Manager Johnson admonishes the team for not putting the effort in. He wants them to keep going until the end of the season and so they did, amassing 101 points. With this sort of drive, the Robins can go forward in League 2 next season.

As we know the play-offs are a tricky affair. Forest Green Rovers who chased us all season, being well clear of the rest, had their hopes dashed at Wembley last Sunday ( 15 / 5 ) when they lost to Grimsby 3-1. Another year in the conference beckons.

Whilst in the Championship,  the play-offs for the final Premier position involves Hull and Sheffield Wednesday.
 Derby, the team Wednesday beat to make the final were an amazing fifteen points ahead  of them in the table. But with winner taking all, Derby County misses out again.

With the Premier clubs having now completed …

Champion Mistakes:Positivity Strikes Again; Marina Calling.

The Football League season (2015 /6 ) is coming to a conclusion, with only the Premier League to finish their final games this Sunday ( 15 / 5 /  ). It has been a strange topsy-turvy one, which still has two of the richest clubs in the country, Manchester City and United, battling it out to ensure places in the European Champions League , qualification being a top four finish. Both teams considered this a rite of passage. It is looking like one will fail- oh dear!

Here are my promotion candidates  for the Sky Bet Championship at the start of the season and their actual finishing places.

Middlesborough           2nd         Promoted
Wolves                          14th
Bristol City                   18th

As you can see,I hardly covered myself with glory, with the last two teams having a very ordinary season.
Oh well, better luck next season.


As you know I like the idea  of putting a positive spin on things, so I was intrigued by Bjorn Lomborg's defence of g…

Desktop Returns; Bits and Pieces.

Thanks to a new power source, my Mac is back in business. I have thus as promised,  added extra photos, words and a sound link to my my two previous postings.

I like this notion:" A Problem is only a solution waiting to be resolved. " It puts a positive spin on things, which allows you to go forward in the right spirit.

i was impressed yesterday  ( 7 /5 ) when I received notification that I needed to obtain a new -style ( since 1998) photo driving licence.

I thought with my Mac back in harness I would apply for my licence online. My only worry was obtaining a photo of myself. This can be a headache getting all the criteria correct and I inwardly groaned.
Imagine then my surprise  when I learned that as long as it was still a reasonable likeness, the DVLA would use my passport photo on my new driving licence and as I had only re -applied  for my passport a couple of years ago, the likeness was fine. What a great solution ! Problem solved.

Another saying I've recently come…