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Football Predictions: Photo Scraps.

August is nearly with us and that means one thing, the return of football ( whoopee). Amazingly without World Cups, Euro Championships ( except for our ladies ' The Lionesses ' bless 'em ), there has been little or no footie 'on the box ' since the end of last season. So here are my predictions for the top three in each of our leagues. Premiership                      1   Chelsea      (7/2 )                     2   Man Utd    (7/ 2)                     3   Man City   ( 15/8) Impossible to look beyond these top three spenders this summer. I feel Chelsea, fresh from their win last season have the 'wind in their tails ' and will be difficult to beat. I felt with their European Cup win, Man Utd were, under Jose beginning to find their form at last. Expect them to start strongly. City are the favourites on the back of some expensive signings. As a result they will not leak so many goals . They need to get their  team cohesion together  quickly. At

A 'Powerful' Read: Apple-Tizing: Cheltenham Views

I recently learned in a post that "  The Power "  by Naomi Alderman was the winner of the 2017 Baileys ( previously Orange ) Women's Prize For Fiction. This was the first time the prize had been awarded for a science fiction novel. Being a long time Sci Fi fan I got out my trusty Library App and  was able quickly  to reserve a copy of the said book. It certainly was an engrossing and mildly disturbing read. A dystopian book, which puts women in the 'driving seat, 'as it were.  By using their bodily electrical systems, they are able to discharge jolts of power, which dependent upon the surge can injure, maim, or in severe cases kill their quarry, which were usually male. By this way the abused became the abusers and the females became the dominant gender.  So the whole world culture was  changed, in order to adapt to these changed circumstances, with religion becoming increasingly Matriarchal  with the Mother  the superior. Like GRRM ( Game of Thrones)